Published On : Thu, Sep 6th, 2018

Bad roads near Loha Pul becoming threat to commuters’ lives

Nagpur : The local leadership has geared up efforts to make Nagpur a ‘Smart City’ but their efforts seem to be fake ones as the residents are still deprived of basic amenities in the city. Water-logging has been an old problem at Loha Pul near Cotton Market that passersby have to face mostly during the rainy season.

Though the repair works of the road were done few days back, but potholes have again emerged on the road. Road-jam has become a regular affair at this place and commuters have to face a lot of problem.

While road construction works are going at war-footing across the city, the condition near Cotton Market Square remains neglected. The road under Loha Pul has potholes everywhere and two-wheeler riders have to risk their lives as the condition of road has become accident-prone.

The road from Cotton Market Square to Loha Pul and further to Manas Chowk is also covered with potholes, which create a traffic jam every time the signal turns green. Same is the situation at Manas Chowk where potholes are filled with rainwater and mud.

The shop owners park their vehicles in front of their shops while travels buses are also parked on the road thus blocking the smooth traffic movement and resulting in everyday jam. Occurrence of small or big accidents has become a daily affair at this place.