Published On : Thu, Sep 29th, 2016

Babu Bhai Garage : Giving A Beautiful Makeover To Old Cars

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Admit it – an old car that still runs well is a thing of beauty. Combining the retro style of an era gone by with the old mechanics and engineering of that time, the result is a sight for sore eyes that craves for the simplicity and charm of the past. That is why, all around the world – services that restore the glory of old cars are much in demand. Why should it be any different in Nagpur? If you want to give new life to your old car and give it a complete makeover, look no further than Babu Bhai Salim.

A die-hard lover who is passionate about cars known fondly as Babu Bhai Salim started a saloon for cars in 1952 in the Nagpur.

Buying cars in a bad condition and transforming it into a thing of beauty is just a hobby of Babu Bhai Salim which he has been at for the past so many years. He claims to love taking on challenges and claims that he can start any car that no other mechanic can. He’s one of the oldest people working in this field of automotive restoration. And to believe our words, take a look at his work in the photographs!

If you want to give a nice makeover to your old and useless car, he is the man who can make your car look beautiful!