Published On : Wed, Sep 7th, 2016

B-town actor Akshay Kumar honors Nagpur’s real life hero Jagdish Khare

Jagdish Khare
: Among the many water bodies existing in the city, three lakes including Futala aka Telankhedi Lake, Ambazhari Lake and Shukravari Lake aka Gandhisagar Lake are the most preferred ones which most dejected people use to commit suicide. There are a few ace swimmers who live close to these lakes. They are often summoned by the police personnel of the local police stations to save or retrieve the dead bodies of those who have committed suicide.

One such ace-swimmer known as Jagdish Khare, has been instrumental in saving as many as one thousand lives of those people who had attempted suicide in Gandhisagar Lake was recently felicitated by Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar in New Delhi during a programme where real-life heroes were recognized for their heroism and felicitated. While Akshay gave the medal, Industrialist Deepak Bansal gave away the certificate.

Jagdish Khare has saved 1000  people who had attempted suicide. He has been instrumental in saving these lives from 1994. However, not everybody is so lucky. Jagdish Khare has been instrumental in retrieving or recovering the dead bodies of many others who could not be saved in time.

Jagdish Khare and wife Jaishree Khare

Jagdish Khare and wife Jaishree Khare (File Pic)

As they rightly say, behind every successful man, there is a woman; Jagdish Khare’s wife Jaishree Khare too is very supportive of her husband and his noble deed of saving lives. She stands firm behind him when her husband is busy searching the bodies or persons. One could see the couple carefully monitoring the bank of the lake from morning to evening.

Jagdish Khare’s wife Jaishree Khare has made a register and is maintaining the register with all sincerity. The register has details of those who were saved and the details of the dead bodies. The Khare couple intends to send the register for Limca Book of Records.