Published On : Sat, Sep 29th, 2012
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Avoid fruits with milk or meals

Nagpur News : Avoid fruits with milk or meals. To get maximum nutrients it should be taken empty stomach or 30 minutes before meals.

Best time to have fruits is in morning, empty stomach as one will get maximum nutrients at that time and will be absorbed better and will detoxify the system, further it will help in weight loss. But if one is not eating it in the morning, they should have it atleast 30 minutes before meals. For fruit juices the gap of 15 minutes is sufficient.

It should never be taken with or after meals as they will combine with food and will lead to fermentation and putrefaction and will lead to problems like acidity, bloating and other digestive problems and neither we will get the nutrients of food nor of fruits. There should be a minimum of three hours gap in eating fruits after meals. According to ayurveda, if fruits are taken with or after meals it will lead to agnimandya and thus cause improper digestion and will lead to formation of aam dosha and will lead to diseases. Especially fruits like banana should be strictly avoided .

Fruits should never be taken with milk as it is a harmful combination and will lead to many diseases. According to ayurveda it is a type of virudhaahar and will lead to prakopa of all the three doshas i.e vatta , pitta and kapha and will gradually causes many diseases.


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