At pro-CAA rally, people gather in large number in Nagpur

Nagpur: “Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) is not against any Indian Muslim. It is only to grant citizenship to persecuted religious minorities of three neighbouring nations. The Muslims and minority people in India are not required to worry about this Act.

I also appeal to our Muslim brothers not to fall prey to the rumours and misinformation campaign started by Congress in India,” said Union Minister Nitin Gadkari on Sunday at Samvidhan Square while addressing a public meeting held after the culmination of a mega rally.

Thousands of citizens participated in the mega rally organised in support of the CAA by Lokadhikar Manch along with several organisations including the BJP. Gadkari alleged that Opposition parties had been creating false propaganda by instilling fear among minority sections for getting benefits in vote bank politics.

Gadkari said, “There was no country named India before 1947. It was Akhand Bharat. The present countries like Afganisthan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc., were part of Akhand Bharat.

In 1947, Pakistan was created by Mohammad Ali Jinnah and he declared it as an Islamic state. India was not termed as Hindu Rashtra after Independence. After the partition, thousands of Hindu, Sikh, Bouddha, Jain community people came to India, and India had termed them as ‘refugees’.

Prior to Independence, people from different communities were living peacefully in Akhand Bharat. There are 150 countries in the world which have declared themselves as Islamic countries, but there is no nation for Hindu, Sikh, Bouddha, Jain, Parsi people. CAA supports these minority people from other countries.”