Published On : Wed, Apr 19th, 2017

At 45.5, Nagpur sizzles into 4 hottest cities of country, all from Vid

: There was a city from Vidarbha at all four top spots for the hottest places in the country on Tuesday. Chandrapur sizzled at 46.4 degrees Celsius as the hottest spot in India. Ganganagar (Rajasthan) along with Brahmapuri were at 45.8 degree and the second hottest. Nagpur along with Churu (Rajasthan) recorded 45.5 degree, the third hottest places, while Wardha, Banda (Uttar Pradesh) and Damoh (Madhya Pradesh) recorded 45 degree to be at the fourth position.

AD Tathe, director of Regional Weather Forecast Centre (RWFC) and Aerodrome Meteorological Office (AMO), said, “Nagpur has broken a record of last seven years. The last highest temperature was 45 degree on April 22, 2016, and today it reached 45.5 degree. While Yavatmal has broken record of last 10 years, with the last highest at 43.6 degree on April 17, 2016, today it reached 44 degree. Chandrapur’s own highest record has been 47.6 degree on April 29, 2013, which is as yet unbroken.”

However, contrary to forecast, temperatures across Vidarbha rose on Tuesday, instead of going down as predicted. At most of the locations, temperature was 3 to 4 degree above normal. The coolest district in Vidarbha region has been Buldhana at 41 degree, followed by Washim at 43 degree, Amravati at 43.6, Yavatmal and Gondia at 44, Akola at 44.9, Wardha at 45, Nagpur at 45.5 and Brahmapuri at 45.9.

The heatwave condition expected to recede on Monday night have continued to prevail on Tuesday. However, according to Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) the conditions are expected to change from Tuesday night.
As per the IMD, the city temperatures may come down to 44 on Wednesday and decline further to 43 on Thursday and stay at this temperature for the next five days. Chandrapur’s temperature is also expected to come down to 44, as per the forecast. Surprisingly, IMD predicts partly cloudy sky at Chandrapur for the next four days.