Published On : Sun, May 26th, 2019

At 12.12 pm on Sunday, your shadow will disappear in Nagpur!

Nagpur: Before you draw any conclusion over the weather shift from sunny to rainy or cloudy, let us clear that Sunday will be going to be a hot sunny day and yes you won’t see your shadow when the clock will tick 12.12 pm. A rare astronomical event – called Zero Shadow Day will see the sun exactly overhead which will deprive all of their shadows.

A special arrangement has been made at Raman Science Centre on Sunday May 26, when the curious citizens will gather to see their shadows disappear in scorching bright sun.

There will be no shadows visible on May 26 at 12:12 pm in Nagpur and 12:27 in Bhandara, as sun will be at its Zenith on top of the city.

The next such occurrence would fall on July 17 at 12.20 pm.

According to the sources, this phenomenon occurs twice a year as the sun trails its path to the tropic of cancer and the retrials its path towards the south.

In Maharashtra the Zero Shadow day will occur from May 3 to 30th and from July 16th to August 12. The same will be observed in Chandrapur, Yavatmal, Akola, Wardha, Amravati, Paratwada, Warud and Gondia.