Published On : Thu, Feb 27th, 2014

Astrology shatters Narendra Modi’s hopes of becoming PM ; Stars not favoring him

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The opinion polls across the section of media and survey agencies have indicated bright chances of BJP’s PM candidate Narendra Modi serving the top job post general elections. Even the common mindset prevailing throughout the nation supports this trend. However his planetary movements and inner stars say the winds are not favorable for Modi in near future. Predicting contrary to the popular trend, a couple of astrologers and numerologists have diminished hopes of Modi becoming the country’s next Prime Minister.

Nagpur based astrologer and famed numerologist Abhishek Soni too has predicted bad phase for Modi ahead. Soni told Nagpur Today that the upcoming three months are going to spell the worst phase for Modi. “The situation arose from the planet Rahu not favoring Modi at the moment and lagna lord planet Mars is traversing ( Vakri  ) from 12th house to 11th house,” Soni cited his astronomical representations.

He said that the planet Rahu will confuse Modi in taking some big decision which will create huge problem for him. Soni added that Rahu will cast aspersion on Modi’s decision making capability from April 29, 2013 to October 29, 2014 this year.

The astrological findings have taken many people favoring Modi for the top post aback as his current profile was going too strong supported by his untiring campaigning and effective speeches. Soni added that Rahu is not bearing desired fruits for Modi and chances of him ruling the nation are rare.

He predicted that since November 28, 2011, Modi has been going through the maha dasha of moon which will last for a period of 10 years. The current sub dasha is of Rahu which started on April 29, 2013 and will be followed by sub dasha of jupiter till October 29 this year. The Moon – Rahu combination is generally not very auspicious.  The planet rahu is damaged in his birth chart. “The planet rahu will confuse him and he may not get good results”, Soni added.

Furthermore, Modi is experiencing the 1st phase of ‘Sade Saati’. In addition, both Moon and Rahu are in the nakshatra of Saturn. During the dasha of debilitated Moon (lord of his house of luck) and sub dasha of Rahu (positioned in the 5th house), he will have to work hard and also think smart (out-of-the-box and innovative would be more appropriate here) to move ahead. This is not going to be an easy period for him, he added.

From April 2013 Modi has been undergoing Rahu antardasha in Chandra Mahadasha, which will continue till to September 2014. During this period Lok Sabha elections will also be held. During this period, Modi has a strong planetary placement. As the Rahu antardasha starts, he will be in an important role above from state level politics but he needs to be cautious about the choices he makes. He may face severe opposition and criticism because of rahu’s natural movement. He needs to pay more attention to his health in the latter half of the year.

Soni has even applied the beneficial yog (combination) to see it Modi could make the cut. The findings are as follows,

•         Parvata Yog benefic

Benefic planets occupying the Kendras and 6th & 8th houses either vacant or occupied by benefics only. The person is renowned, illustrious, fortunate, wealthy, an orator, charitable, leader of a town or a city, learned and very lustful.

•        Svaveeryaddhana Yoga

This yoga implies that the native will build up his wealth through his own efforts.   Narendra Modi does fit into these descriptions easily but we have the best one saved for the last.

Lagna / Ascendant and Nakshatra

Narendra Modi is born in Anuraradha Nakshatra. It is the Nakshatra of Saturn. In his natal horoscope, Saturn is the lord of 3rd and 4th houses. Saturn is posited in his 10th house of profession.

Anuradha Nakshatra dictates the cosmic firmament with balance, honor and harmony. Striking a harmonious nexus with ‘Vishakha Nakshatra’.

People born under this Nakshatra exhibit a fusion of qualities such as sociability, joviality and energy to overscome the challenges – which they are sure to possess. This birth star has a unique penchant for using varying and diverse channels of communications. Such persons are said to be blessed with a very sharp mind which can easily understand the situation in its exact reality. They can see through the fake cover and reach the facts. Yet such persons keep their personal secrets well guarded despite their openness and sociability.

:: Astrologer and famed numerologist Abhishek Soni can be reached at

Astrologer and famed numerologist Abhishek Soni

Astrologer and famed numerologist Abhishek Soni