Published On : Thu, Mar 30th, 2017

Aspiring to be CEO in ‘Smart City’ Project costs a man Rs 30 lakh

Aspiring to be Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in “Smart City” Project cost a man Rs 30 lakh. A con man ‘promised’ the post of CEO in the ambitious project and duped him to the tune of the staggering amount.

The Bajaj Nagar resident Suresh Raut (52) in his police complaint said that the accused Girish Wadhvekar ‘promised’ him the post of CEO in ‘Smart City’ Project. With these promising words, the accused Wadhvekar took Rs 30 lakh from time to time between July 2016 and March 2017 on one pretext or another. However, as the time passed, Raut started pressuring the accused to keep his word. The accused on his part offered one excuse or the other and after some time started avoiding Suresh. When Suresh realised that the accused was in position to provide him the CEO’s post, he demanded his money back. However, the accused Girish Wadhvekar neither returned Suresh’s money nor the CEO’s post. Finally, Suresh registered a case against the accused with Bajaj Nagar police.

Cops have booked the accused Girish Wadhvekar under relevant Sections and launched a probe into the case.