Published On : Tue, Jun 6th, 2017

As strike enters 6th day, Gorakh Kokane ends life unable to repay Rs. 3 lakhs loan

Farmers Strike

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As Maharashtra Govt. and farmers’ organizations are still at logger heads about farmers’ demands, two of them decided to literally ‘strike themselves out’ yesterday. They ended their lives in desperation.

It is tragic that these two were not able to see the light at the end of the tunnel even as so many farmers have unitedly gone on strike.

Navnath Bhalerao and Gorakh Kokane are the two farmers who committed suicide yesterday.


Of them, Gorakh had Rs. 3 lakhs loan pending which he could not repay.

Meanwhile, another farmer had decided to go on indefinite strike in Ground Zero – Puntambe village – to protest against police action against protesting farmers.

“So many farmers are being lathi charged; even arrested and manhandled – I have decided to submit myself to self inflicted torture and punishment to save Govt. the trouble.

From tomorrow, I will go on Fast unto Death and simultaneously donate one bottle of blood also everyday ” he declared.