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    Published On : Wed, Dec 30th, 2015
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    As Nagpur set to ring in New Year, District administration out to reign party blasts!


    Nagpur: The party fever has gripped Nagpur yet again and the arrangements are pushed in place to handle the effervescence, energy and rage expected on the night of 31st December. The district administration has taken due care to handle vivid party behaviors that surface while heralding the New Year.

    Starred hotels to free flow

    Most of the grand-New-Year eve splashes have been organized in the star hotels and resorts. The organizers of these grand parties have adhered to all the statutory and mandatory rules and regulations. They have procured all the permissions from all the concerned departments too. Since most of these Star Hotels have Bar Permits, additional permission to serve liquor is not said to be required.

    Secret farm house parties galore

    However, some event management organizations and agencies have also organized discreet parties in Farm Houses located away from the hustle and bustle of the city. These “discreet” parties organized in Farm Houses are informed only to a selected few to avoid unnecessary hassles from the police and other departments. One can be really free in these parties. Since they are located away from the city limits, the fear of police making their rounds and checking the party and spoiling the mood does not arise.

    Dogging Drunk Driving
    Nagpur District Collector Sachin Kurve told Nagpur Today that the notices and orders have already been dispatched to the city and rural police departments to ensure that the celebrations of New Year eve goes without any untoward incidents.

    Collector Kurve claimed that the police will be undertaking the apprehension of drunken drivers. He said that penal action under Indian Penal Code (IPC) and Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) will be initiated against those erring drivers who are found to be driving under the influence of alcohol. The police will be using breath analyzers to ascertain the level of alcohol one has imbibed.

    Preventive arrangements near water-bodies
    Apart from other arrangements, District Collector Kurve said that directives have been sent to SDO in all rural areas apart from police department to increase patrolling near water-bodies. He added that Rescue Teams will be deployed at major accident prone water-bodies like Futala Lake, Ambazhari Lake, Shukhrawari Lake in the city and other water-bodies situated away from the city in rural areas. Merry makers will be prevented from gong near water-bodies by officials.

    Directives for time-limits
    The Collector also said that cut-off time limits for various places where liquor is served or sold has been fixed and directives to that regard has been informed to the organizers of various parties and liquor vending shops. A maximum time limit for playing music and other merry-making has been set till 5 am.
    Single-day liquor permits issued
    Deputy Superintendent (No-2) Pramod Sonawane told Nagpur Today that till December 29, around 18 single-day permits to serve alcohol has been issued. He added that 28 more applications have been received which are under consideration. Therefore alcohol will be served in around 46 places in the city and in rural areas.
    Flying squads in action!
    Deputy Superintendent Sonawane also added that around 8 flying squads have been constituted to check violators of state excise laws. He said that the flying squad will check if the organizers are having valid permission to serve or sell liquor in the premises? They would also check if they are serving or selling liquor to minors? It will also be checked whether the liquor (IMFL) which is being sold or served at the venue been procured or purchased through legal route or not? Besides, the number of patrons (approx) mentioned in the permission application would also be checked.

    Party People Mind It!
    Since these parties are not cheap and one often has to spend in thousands to gain entry into these parties, one has to be careful about various aspects.

    1. Ascertain the antecedents of the partner you are choosing to go partying with. (Be it male or female). One should have a pre-knowledge of the behavioural patterns after he or she consumes alcohol. One should also avoid going out with short-tempered people since they could pick-up a fight that could take a nasty turn ending with fatality.
    2. Ascertain if the organizers have made adequate arrangements for escorting or transporting female patrons or guests in case of any emergency.
    3. Ascertain that proper Doctor, medical-aid or kits are available on the venue.
    4. Ascertain if the organizers have procured all the statutory and mandatory licenses, permissions etc. Failing to procure permissions, the party could simply be closed-down by the authorities.
    5. Ascertain if the organizers have some sort of Crisis Management team.
    6. Ascertain if there are bouncers who can intervene and stop any unpleasant occurrences.
    7. Ascertain and ensure alternate arrangements of transport back home if one is drunk, since drunken driving can lead to various unpleasant experience on the road including accidents, police apprehending you and detaining you for the night etc.

    Driving Safety
    While speaking to Nagpur Today, the officials of the traffic department said that they will be undertaking the exercise of Bandobast along with the police personnel from every individual police station in 6 zones in the city and in rural areas. They will be verifying the following:

    1. If the person who is driving the vehicle having a valid driving license or not?
    2. Whether the driver has valid vehicle documents?
    3. Whether the driver is drunk or not?
    4. Whether the driver is involved in rash driving?
    5. Whether the driver has seated more than the approved seating capacity in four-wheelers or triples on two-wheelers etc.

    The officials of the Traffic Department too claimed that police will be undertaking the apprehension of drunken drivers. He said that penal action under Indian Penal Code (IPC) and Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) will be initiated against those erring drivers who are found to be driving under the influence of alcohol.

    The Police Officials from the Rural Police Department said that they will be undertaking patrolling and checking the entire area and all such frequented farm-houses where parties have been organized or are being organized on December 31, 2015. They will be also following-up on specific information or tip-offs.

    – By Samuel Gunasekharan

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