Published On : Mon, Jan 18th, 2016

As countdown to tenure begins, ‘tainted’ Singare goes ‘abegging’ for second term

The next Chairman of Standing Committee is likely to be a ‘Wada Kitchen Cabinet’ member.

Ramesh SingareNagpur: Power hungry go restless and squirmy when they see the plum posts they are holding have to be relinquished at the end of tenures or for any other reason. Ramesh Singare, the present Chairman of NMC’s Standing Committee fits the bill as one of such ‘chair-loving’ people. The tenure of Singare is fast approaching towards the end but, as any other politician, he is not leaving a single stone unturned in the hope of a second term. However, the BJP leadership has another plan or ‘game plan.’ The next Chairman of Standing Committee to succeed Ramesh Singare is most certainly would be sent from ‘power-packed Wada’ (party stalwart Nitin Gadkari’s residence). In fact, the name of a Gadkari confidant or a ‘member of kitchen cabinet of Wada’ has already been ‘fixed’ for the plum post.

The tenure of Singare is coming to an end but he, it seems, is not ready to relinquish the plum post as easily and readily as well. He is reportedly adopting all the possible tactics in his sleeves and hoping for a second term. However, his cold-shouldering of aspirations of his own party’s (BJP) Corporators and the subsequently ‘disappointing them, is likely to cost Singare the second term as Chairman of Standing Committee.

An illiterate of sorts as far as working of Standing Committee is concerned, Singare handled the affairs in his own ‘dubious’ ways with the connivance of equally ‘dubious’ his confidants (non-BJP men). Which proposals are to be approved and which not, in accordance with the ‘obvious benefit,’ were decided long before the Committee’s meetings. The only files ‘green signalled’ by the Committee received the seal of approval from the Chairman. In fact, sources said, many files were approved without any discussion worth the name, of course for obvious reasons. The present Chairman was also in the habit of giving dressing down to administration officials on whimsical grounds and without any valid reasons. And his ‘henchman’ was allegedly a staffer name Farkase who handled the affairs of the Standing Committee almost for the entire year (Singare’s tenure) although he himself is a technical employee of a different department. Farkase ruled the Standing Committee by his whims and fancies apparently with the blessings of his ‘master.’

But now when a few days are left to end his tenure, Ramesh Singare looks a ‘worried man.’ He is reportedly taking rounds and rounds of the ‘Wada’ for the apparent blessings in the form of a second term. However, the time is running out and Singare’s efforts are unlikely to bear any fruits as the next incumbent to occupy the post has already been decided from the walls of the Wada, said sources.

The name of Killa Corporator Bandu Raut is on the forefront for the plum post. Raut, at present Chairman of Fire Brigade Committee, is known to be an important member of Wada’s ‘kitchen cabinet’ being in the business of catering of large scale.

Wordy duel:
Recently, the Standing Committee witnessed a no-holds barred wordy duel between the former Chairman Balya Borkar and the present one Ramesh Singare over ‘some money matter.’ The brawl ended short of choicest abuses from both the warring parties. The bone of contention of the hot exchange of words was that Singare ‘sat’ on eight files of Balya Borkar’s ‘interest.’ The files were not cleared with the reasons of short of funds. Borkar’s contention was that during his tenure he had approved Singare’s development works to the tune of Rs 4 crore and on the other hand, Singare is hesitating to clear his Rs 1 crore file. After a lot of heated words, Singare finally ‘cleared four files of Borkar out of eight. However, the matter, it seems, not cooling down as Borkar doubted release of funds only during the tenure of next Chairman of Standing Committee.

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