Published On : Tue, Feb 3rd, 2015

As AAP seems to get an edge in Delhi PM gets into attack mode again

Kejri and bedi
New Delhi.

Right after BJP’s vision document was released, PM Modi held a rally in Delhi again. Addressing a rally in Rohini area of Delhi he got close up and personal with the people reminding them that they had gifted him with all seven Lok Sabha seats in the general elections of 2014.

Delhi was the face of India, the window to the world, he said. It had to be ruled by people with experience. Calling 15 years rule by Congress as wasted long years and 49 days by an ‘experimental party’ as waste of a year, he challenged people to get it right this time and get the BJP in power.

He said he did not need lessons on poverty and what the poor need “he has seen it from close quarters” he confessed.

We have decided via the PM’s ‘Jan Dhan Yojana’ we will help Dalits and Adivasis. No middleman will be able to get the benefits due to them – we have made bank accounts for them where the money is sent directly he promised.

He promised homes for slum dwellers, power plants, cheap power – because we have concrete plans for everything, he stated.

But the most interesting part of his speech was his reference to Rajiv Gandhi by name. He never names Sonia, or Rahul or Kejriwal by name, but he spoke about Rajiv Gandhi at length. He said Rajiv Gandhi fell out of favour with the people of India not because he was corrupt – so was his mother Indira Gandhi but people did not punish her for it. He said the problem lay in the fact that Rajiv tried to project the image of  Mr. Clean and when he could not live up to that image people could not forgive him and pulled him down. Why this lecture about Rajiv’s flaws at this time, we wonder? Was this warning directed at someone else? Someone who came into limelight promising to fight corruption and struck a chord with the people instantly…. was this a warning to AAP and Kejriwal.
‘Kaheen pe nigahe kaheen pe nishana?’