Published On : Tue, Apr 16th, 2013
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Are top Government bosses, elite persons above law?Many cars, buses found with tinted glasses in Nagpur

The Supreme Court had banned tinted glasses on all four-wheelers after the gang-rape of a medical student in a running bus in Delhi

NAGPUR NEWS: Following the sensational December 16 gang-rape of a 23-year-old medical student (Damini) in a running bus in Delhi that triggered an outrage and strong protests all over the nation as well as in some foreign countries, the Supreme Court, in a significant order, banned the tinted glasses on all four-wheelers in the country and also directed the police to initiate stringent actions against the four-wheeler owners who were found with tinted glasses on their vehicles. The police too launched special drives across the country and took actions by removing the tinted glasses from the vehicles and also slapped heavy fines. Unfortunately, the gang-raped girl died on December 29 owing to severe medical complications. The Supreme Court order was therefore in the direction to curb such crimes. Most of the four-wheelers are cars of various models and of various companies and buses of travelling agencies.

However, in Nagpur city, the four-wheeler owners think that they are above the law. These owners, who are supposed be well educated, were found speeding their vehicles with tinted glasses in contempt. But the most disturbing fact that is noticed in Nagpur city was the top bosses in Government services, giving absurd reasons like peak summer heat, were found travelling in vehicles with tinted glasses without caring for the Supreme Court order thus breaking the law. Moreover, these vehicles were found in front of malls and in office premises too. Surprisingly, no action was taken for reasons best known to police. Had the vehicles were found to be of common persons, the police must have acted against them. But who will dare to take action against the top Government bosses and become victims of their wrath?

It may be recalled that the incidents of kidnapping and gang-rape in running vehicles have increased manifold in recent days. The situation has come to such a pass that women and girls shudder to think walking on the roads. A panic and anxiety have gripped their minds. Parents too are a worried lot looking to the worsening situation in this regard. The police as well as the Supreme Court found that gang-rapes in running vehicles were not noticed by anybody due to tinted glasses on the vehicles. Police found themselves helpless in detecting and curbing such crimes.

However, the police cracked down on vehicle owners having tinted glasses on their vehicles in the entire country after the Supreme Court order. Noticeably, most of the vehicle owners removed the tinted glasses from their vehicles on their own. But still there are thousands of cars running with tinted glasses.

It was also noticed that many common people are not aware of the Supreme Court order. But what about the top Government bosses who are travelling in their cars with tinted glasses fully knowing the Supreme Court order. These cars were found freely running in the court as well as other important office premises. In Nagpur’s Civil Lines area where majority of important Government offices are located one can spot “Maharashtra Government” written vehicles with tinted glasses stationary at these offices.

However, the moot question being asked by people is: Why no action is taken by thousands of traffic policemen on duty? Why these top guns go scot-free when common persons face the police action.