Published On : Fri, May 9th, 2014

Are Naxals behind removing clips from Rail tracks to cause train accident near Nagpur?


The incident resembles the modus operandi of Naxals in parts of Bihar and Jharkhand.

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In an incident, resembling the modus operandi of Naxals in parts of Bihar and Jharkhand, Railway clips of one kilometer track were found removed apparently to cause a derailment of passing train. However, the conspiracy got blown away when a trolley man spotted the removed clips. The baffling part of the incident is that the clips were neither taken away by the miscreants as common thieves nor hidden somewhere else. Although the clips were removed but thrown nearby the spot itself. This angle has left the Railway authorities, RPF and local police baffling.

The incident occurred on Wednesday (May 7) between Kalamna and Itwari Railway Stations but the Railway authorities took the special care not to make it public and silently completed the formalities of handing over the probe to local police and RPF. They themselves are also investigating the matter at experts’ level. However, the incident being similar to being indulged in by Naxals in Bihar and Jharkhand is giving the police and Railway authorities the sleepless nights. Only one question is pricking their brains: Have the Naxals arrived in Nagpur to cause major Railway accidents?

The trolley man spotted the clips, numbering around 100, removed from the tracks in the range of one kilometer. The distance is far too big to cause a major train accident. However, the moot question is how the terror act could not be noticed by common residents or any other Railway employees during the “operation” itself. It is not a child’s play to remove the clips from tracks. Was it a far bigger negligence on the part of Railway? Had any train passed the one kilometer spot then it would been a disaster. Interestingly, the RPF and Lakadganj police have registered an offence under Section 153 of the IPC and both are probing the matter with all angles.

According to sources, everything was normal between Kalamna and Itwari section till 8 in the morning. The “Chabidar” (Key holder) as routine left Itwari Station for inspection of the railway tracks. He reached Kalamna Station but without noticing anything amiss. However, when the Trolley In Charge (Trolley man) passed through the spot at about 9.15 am, he spotted the clips removed. He immediately alerted the Control Room. The train traffic was immediately stopped and the Railway’s engineering staff reached the spot. They immediately started the repair work and restored the track for traffic.

Although the RPF and GRPF have started their probe into the matter, they have been left with no clue.

The Sr DCM Tanmay Mukhopadhyay, while talking to Nagpur Today, confirmed the incident. He said around 100 clips were found removed from the tracks.

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