Are Amit Shah’s days as BJP President numbered?

Amit Shah
Nagpur: Though prima facie everything seems to be ‘business as usual’ in ruling BJP circles there are undercurrents of dissatisfaction and unrest that are coming to the surface for the canny observer.

P.M. Modi and BJP President Amit Shah are perceived as being very close – like peas in a pod. After all Amit Shah, despite being named in a CBI case was hand picked by Modi to be BJP President despite many having their doubts about the wisdom of this selection. (Also the fact that two most important positions were going to two men belonging to the same state).

But the ‘defect lines’ are coming to the fore now and these could result in a quake within BJP soon.

Many senior BJP leaders and C.M.s of BJP ruled states have not been happy with Shah’s style of working and his ‘interference’ in their states.

The revelations about his son Jay Shah’s mercurial business fortune rise and decline; the ghosts of victims of ‘fake encounters’ rising from the grave to haunt the BJP President cannot all be mere co incidences.

In fact, Shah’s decline seems to have started when his candidate lost the prestigious Rajya Sabha seat to Ahmed Patel – that was one election which Amit Shah had been fighting very personally, and using every trick in the trade that had ultimately left the BJP’s image tarnished. That too in the state of Gujarat which is shortly going to polls.

But one place where Shah’s image is really pinching is Modi’s international ambitions.

Modi sees himself taking up the position of Peace Ambassador to the world – a position ironically last held by Pundit Nehru no less! He cannot afford at this stage to have Shah as his alter ego.

This could very well result in Shah being indirectly pushed into resigning from the post of party President on his own, or this move failing, as a last resort he could be asked to go.

And according to people in the know, this could happen early in 2018.

Let’s wait and see how the fortune cookie crumbles or what Father Santa gets Shah as a Christmas present!!!