Published On : Fri, Feb 6th, 2015

Anushka Sharma’s take on the AIB Controversy


The AIB controversy, which is getting heated up even more with various opinions of people in, and not in favour of the AIB Roast video, celebs have also started adding their views to the cmment list. Especially from the one, who wasn’t present in the video, but became a topic of hilarity in the same. Anushka Sharma, the considered-to-be ex-girlfriend of Ranveer Singh was mentioned in the AIB Roast video, while the comedians and Karan Johar pulled Ranveer’s leg over him getting dumped by Anushka. The actor, as the video was showcased to be, took it sportingly.

Also, recently, when Anushka was asked for an opinion over the video, here’s what Anushka Sharma said!

During a press conference for Anushka Sharma’s upcoming movie NH10 , the Anushka Sharma said that she took the jokes in good humour but also asserted that India being a democracy everyone has the right to like it or dislike it. “Everyone has his or her own way of looking at things and how I looked at it, I felt it was in good humour. It was not meant to be taken so seriously. Like this is my opinion someone else can have a different opinion and that’s the beauty of a democratic setup,” said actress Anushka Sharma while promoting NH10. Anushka Sharma also stated that this issue of AIB Roast is being hyped too much as there are lot many issues which needs more attention in this country.