Published On : Sat, Sep 9th, 2017

Annoyed of road potholes, Congressmen plant trees in them

Nagpur: Although, the Orange City is about to turn into a Smart city soon, potholes, all over the roads, seem to be a pull back for the same. To add more to this “decor”, the potholes get filled with water during the monsoon. In an interesting ‘Gandhigiri vala’ protest against the same, Congressmen of the city conducted a plantation drive in the potholes of Civil Lines.

Several potholes have emerged in the Office Square of Civil lines. Although, the area has been barricaded for past fifteen days, no action has been taken to fill them up. As a consequence of this neglect, a bike rider was reported to have fallen on a gutter lid of the area. The potholes have also been creating a huge traffic jam in the area for a long time now.

Yugal Vidavat, Anand Tiwari, Dheeraj Pandey, Asif Ansari, Alok Moon, Satish Pali, Nikhil Pawar, Rahul Chaudhary and others were present at the protest.

The present is not only the condition of Civil Lines, but the entire city. Although, the public has been supportive about the ongoing construction of roads, they appear to be outraged now. The ditches constructed for placing cable lines are left open for a really long time, creating a problem for the passersby. Several pits are also dumped with sand which often causes accidents. It is to be seen what the administration will be doing after this protest.