Published On : Sun, Feb 23rd, 2014

Anjali Damania tries to woo ‘real aam aadmi’

Jhadu-1Nagpur News.

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) candidate for Nagpur Lok Sabha seat Anjali Damania has started meeting the common citizens of Nagpur as the elections are getting nearer and nearer. On February 22, 2014, party workers of AAP led by Anjali Damania, visited people of Nandanvan slums. With “Zadu” (Symbol of AAP) in the hands her and the party workers, Anjali Damania mingled with people and tried to understand their problems. The slum-dwellers, after finding the leader their area, came out of their houses and joined her. The denizens of Nandanvan Slums discussed their problems with Anjali Damania.

According to Anjali Damania, people of the Nandanvan Slums, shared their issues with her and told her about their problems. She added people are irked by hefty electricity and water bills. Anjali Damania promised them that if she wins the Lok Sabha polls, she will definitely resolve their problems. She appealed them to support her and make her win with maximum number of votes.