Published On : Thu, Dec 20th, 2018

An initiative to prevent slow death of city trees

Nagpur: Garden Department & Laxminagar Zone of Nagpur Municipal Corporation and Green Vigil Foundation removed Advertisements/hoardings from trees from Laxminagar Zone office, NMC to Shraddhanand Peth Sqaure to Matey Square to Pratap nagar Square.

Advertisements and posters are put up on trees with an aid of nails and screws , which chips off the bark of trees and damages food and water supplying tissues of trees, exposing trees to pollution and foreign body and ultimately slow death.

More than 100 such hoardings / advertisements were removed and 44 defaulters who have nailed their advertisements on trees shall be served notice shortly under Maharashtra ( Urban Areas) Protection & Preservation of Trees Act,1975, confirmed Sudhir Matey, Advisor, Garden Department, NMC.

Kaustav Chatterjee, Founder of Green Vigil Foundation, explained nailing of advertisement or posters causes harm to the trees in several ways. Wounds normally break the barks and in turn damages the food and water conducting tissues of the trees namely xylem & Phloem, which carries food and water. Once the tree is nailed with posters, it is exposed to the polluted air and organisms. Bacteria and fungi may cause discolouration and decay of the wood. Decay can result in the weakening of the stems which eventually affects the overall life of the tree.

The operation was conducted by Sudhir Mate ( Advisor), Nandkishore Shende, Garden Inspector, NMC, Gunwant Pimpalkar, Sandeep Shelokar, Pranay Gondone of Garden Dept, NMC, Chandrashekhar Kamble, NMC Laxminagar Zone , Kaustav Chatterjee, Surbhi Jaiswal, Mehul Kosurkar, Kalyani Vaidya, Bishnudeo Yadav, Rajashree Gupta & others.