Amit Gadge: A youth with zeal and enthusiasm to make his Prabhag one of the best to live in

: Amit Gadge who exuberates youthful zeal and enthusiasm is an aspirant for the post of Corporator of his Prabhag. He is all set to serve the citizens living in his Prabhag with all sincerity and honesty.

The grandson of Purushottam Rao Gadge, who is said to be close to the Sangh Pariwar, Amit Gadge had served Bharatiya Janata Party’s youth wing BJYM as a Vice President till last year and as a Treasurer of BJYM currently, is all set to contest for the post of Corporator of his Prabhag-36.

In a candid talk with Nagpur Today, Amit Gadge said that he believes and lives with the ideologies of Bharatiya Janata Party. He expressed his strong desire to work hard for the citizens residing in his Prabhag-36 starting from the Senior Citizens, the youth and the others. He wants to redress the grievances of the citizens and fight for their right to enjoy all the basic amenities.

He claimed that he will strive to ensure that the citizens of his Prabhag get all the services provided by Nagpur Municipal Corporation in time and in the best possible manner. He added that he will ensure that the children get a playground, the aged or senior citizens get a park/green area where they can enjoy fresh air, take walks etc. He added that he would strive to ensure that the needs of the children, youth and aged gets catered to.

While speaking about the manner in which he intends to go about redressing the grievances would be to interact with the citizens. He would get to know the existing problems andstart his workby prioritizing them and then work towards getting them done.

He told Nagpur Today that he would strive and leave no stones unturned to get the funds allocated and then carry out the necessary work. He claimed that he would allot the contracts only to a contractor (the best man for the job), who is ready to deliver the work in the allotted scheduled time frame and in the best quality available. He assured that he would not compromise on any important works.

Amit Gadge said that Nagpur is rich in assets and in vibrancy, which is evident in how we have grown exponentially in the last few years. It is due to mismanagement and neglect that we were unable to extract enough value from municipal assets. In order to optimize the utilization of urban infrastructure, public services, well-trained office-bearers, the educated youth needs to take up charge, said Amit Gadge. He added that the performance of elected representatives will depend on efficient working, interaction with the denizens of the Prabhag. Optimum use of professional bodies, NGOs, MahilaMandals and the likes will ensure the efficiency of the functioning of the Prabhag.