Published On : Sat, Aug 9th, 2014

Ambitious multiplex project in city becomes a victim of bad politics & apathy; stands ruined

NGC05PB03Nagpur News: Politics, it seems, for years, has been concerned with right or left instead of right or wrong. Development has always been a victim of bad politics. Take the example of a multiplex project in Nagpur city. Lakhs were spent on preparing the blueprint of the project. The ambitious project planned seven-screened cinema houses in the multiplex. A 4-acre land was selected near Harihar Mandir and construction of initial stages was completed in right earnest. Three floors were erected. But this flagship project soon became a victim of NMC apathy and bad politics as well. Now the project is standing stalled half way and after spending huge money as well.

Politicians and top Government officials frequently announced various projects for overall development of the city and thereby making it a prestigious city. Efforts were also made in this direction. In this sequence, work on construction the multiplex was started with much fanfare. An amount of Rs 6 crore was also received by the concerned authorities. In the meantime, power equations changed in East Nagpur during last Assembly elections. Satish Chaturvedi was MLA when the multiplex project was launched but he lost the seat and BJP’s Krishna Khopde became the MLA from East Nagpur.

Even though the power equations changed in East Nagpur, Krishna Khopde reportedly evinced no interest in the stalled multiplex project. The outcome of this who-cares attitude is that the project is standing in lurch. A full-fledged multiplex could have led to flourishing business activities and citizens could have prospered. But the non-committal attitude shown by Khopde has pushed the project to nowhere. Now the premises have turned into ruins surrounded by a jungle of wild bushes. The only species thriving at the place are criminals as it has become a sort of “adda” for illegal activities.

Bad politics the main culprit:

According to sources, 5-screen multiplex presently exists in Mumbai. The 7-screen multiplex in Nagpur would have been the first of its kind in the country. Steps were also in the same direction. The then Guardian Minister (Chaturvedi) had given a momentum to the project. Now, BJP is Ruling Party in NMC and the MLA in East Nagpur is also of the party. But still the project, which would have been a dazzling attraction of Nagpur, is in lurch. A hot talk is also making rounds over the NMC and MLA equations. Now a ray of hope starting the multiplex project can be provided by present Guardian Minister Nitin Raut. Will he do it? is the moot question.