Published On : Mon, Aug 31st, 2015

Ambani’s Defence unit in MIHAN to work as catalyst of development opined prominent citizens of Nagpur

: With Reliance Group’s Defence Production Company coming up in MIHAN, how much will it prove to be beneficial for Nagpur city and its adjacent areas is a matter of concern for all. Nagpur Today contacted many entrepreneurs to know their views in this regard.

DipenagrawalFormer President of NVCC Dipen Agrawal opined that this is a big opportunity for Nagpur, when a big company like MIHAN is bringing such a major project to Nagpur. As a result, the industries in Nagpur and its adjacent localities will be benefited. In fact this will be a new area having a lot of scope for development. The area in which the company will be working, its products will have ample market abroad, and wherever the products will go, Nagpur will earn fame. Now those entrepreneurs who are unwilling to come to Nagpur will now come with the entry of Reliance.

President of MIHAN Industries Association, Prakash Bhojwani said that it would be a golden moment for Nagpur and Vidarbha and will prove a phenomenal in setting a mile-stone in the industrial field of Vidarbha. The confusion which was prevailing over MIHAN has been sorted out and it is hoped that the proverbial “Good Days of MIHAN” will come soon. Union Surface Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari and Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis deserve thanks for such developments and two or three more such opportunities will aid in developing Nagpur.


Tejinder Singh RenuGeneral Secretary of Vidarbha Tax Payers Association Tejinder Singh Renu opined that the current project is associated with Aviation. According to him, the public in general may not reap the direct benefits of the project, but the project will certainly help in Defence and Aviation Sector. Besides, the small suppliers and traders will be benefited by the products. In addition, the civil, mechanical engineers as well as others will get employment opportunities and thus Nagpur and Vidarbha will be benefited.

DevendraParekhPhotoPresident of Vidarbha Economic Development Devendra Parekh opined that Reliance Group’s plan to start a Defence Production Unit in MIHAN will work as a magnet to draw more industries to come to MIHAN and in-turn help in developing the area. Reliance foraying into Defence Production since Defence Production is the Blue Star in the manufacturing industry now. This is because of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Make in India campaign. He added that with Reliance venturing into MIHAN for Defence Production, twenty big companies (with 500-1000 crores turnover) may think seriously of coming to Nagpur MIHAN. He said that this may not help in boosting the land and property scene in the city immediately. It will take at least one and half year to two years to feel the effect of many industries coming up in and around MIHAN.

Prominent Architect of the city Virendra Khare opined that Reliance Group’s Defence Production Unit coming will Virendra Kharedefinitely help in giving a boost to the development of the area. With the Reliance Group, many smaller ancillary industries may come up, which will stabilize the land and property scenario. He opined that the recession in the property is slowly ending and by Diwali or Dussera the property scenario will bounce back to normal.

Reliance Group coming to Nagpur is only because of the hard work and efforts of the Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and Union Surface Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari. They have strived and brought these industries to Nagpur, now it is for us to help them sustain the companies in Nagpur. He added that even Mahindra and Ceat is coming up with mega projects in Nagpur MIHAN.