All party members to visit MIHAN to see land given to Patanjali

Madan Yerawar
Nagpur: Once again the issue of giving the land in MIHAN at cheap rate to Ramdeo Baba’s Patanjali Company figured, but this time it was in the Legislative Council. Like last year’s winter session this time too Congress member Sanjay Dutta raised the issue and asked for an answer. Replying to question State Minister Madan Yerawar informed the House that as per the rule the land was given to Ramdev Baba and as per the global tender.

The opposition members demanded that information be given for the work done. The minister even asked the opposition members to visit MIHAN. All party members asked the Chairman Ramraje Nimbalkar to arrange the tour to MIHAN and then Nimbalkar himself order the government to make arrangement and the minister also agreed.

During the discussion Congress member Sharad Ranpise asked the government the information about the expenditure done on the approach road. Sanjay Dutta said that the Pitanjali was given 1000 acres of land. On this giving a clarification Minister said that the Company was land in SEZ 106.11, outer acres 234.15 total 340.26 acres of land has been given.