Published On : Tue, May 1st, 2018

Aliexpress sale on electronics 2018

Aliexpress is well known for its great offers, discounts, categories and what not! This time they have come up with their exclusive electronics sale which provides you with minimum 60% discounts on the electronics. The sale is not at small, it includes camera, laptops, television, cameras and everything that you can think of. So do not wait instead hop on to the Aliexpress electronics sale right now and grab amazing Aliexpress couponsmeant just for you!

Aliexpress sale on electronics

The Ali Express sale provides you discounts that go as high as 80% off on the total price of the product! Be it a laptop or television you can get all of them at great discounts.

Check Aliexpress coupons for electronics out here.

Categories Discount percentage
Television Up to 20% off
Laptops Minimum 4% discount
Refrigerators Up to 45% off
Air Conditioners Up to 50% discount
Mobiles Starting from 7% Discount
Cameras Up to 50% off
Home Audio and Video items Up to 70% discount

Site-wide offers on Aliexpress sale on electronics

  • Join Aliexpress and Win Free Coupons- Did we tell you that you can get coupons worth $4 that you can avail on your next shopping or first shopping when you go to Aliexpress. Best part is that the offer has no end date, but you got to be quick to avail.
  • The offer is only available for the first 40 minutes of surfing on the Aliexpress website
  • The Aliexpress coupon is available on app as well as website
  • It is only valid for a new user signing up on Aliexpress
  • The coupon amount can be used on the first purchase only

Aliexpress Sale on Mobiles
Get great mobiles on Aliexpress mobile offers with the sale that they have put on. The mobiles are available from various famous brands that are put on sale for the first time. It caters various demands like octa-core processor, 64 GB RAM, great resolutions etc. You can get these mobile phones at a minimum 7% discount.

Major Brands Available- Major brands available on Aliexpress are Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Cubot, Black View and other brands too on the sale.


  • You can add 1 accessory from the given option of 5 from Aliexpress to your phones at minimal charges possible. You can get the price details of the product when you add the product to the cart. You can choose from various options such as- gift pack, 32 GB card, 64 GB card, Mi Band or an earphone.
  • Apart from the offer discount you can buy the phone at a discount rate that the seller agrees for. While browsing the phone you can see the seller coupons and apply them. With such coupons you will be able to avail a discount of up to Rs. 200 off on purchase of Rs. 8000 or more.

Major Products to Look forward to in this Sale

  • Xiaomi Redmi 5- You can get this product from Aliexpress that consists of 32GB RAM and 3 GB ROM. The phone has a camera of 12 MP and 5 MP front camera. The phone gets shipped from China and you can return the phone if you complain it to the seller and seller finds the reason legit. The phone is also coming at the Aliexpress buyer protection too. You can buy the product at just Rs. 10,387 only instead of its original price of Rs. 12,107.
  • Apple iPhone 6- You can get the phone at just Rs. 15,560 only instead of its original price of Rs. 20,923. The phone is available in silver colour on the website and it has a resolution of 1350 x 750 pixels and has an HD display size of 4.7 inch. It comes with a ROM of 2 GB along with different RAM sizes of 16 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB. The battery of the phone is massive huge at power of 1715 mAh. The phone comes with free shipping to India from Singapore.

Aliexpress Sale on Refrigerators

Get a mini refrigerator for yourself from this electronics sale on Aliexpress now! We assure you of two things- the cheapest price possible and the best product available on the sale. The sale provides you with up to 45% discount on refrigerators that you can avail only till the sale is in action. Once you lose the chance we don’t think you will be avail these products at such rate.

Major brands available- On this sale you can get refrigerators from brands likeOwnice, Hcool, Xeoleo, Excelvart and many others that are known for their good quality.


  • Free Shipping- Get free shipping on all kinds of refrigerator that you purchase from the Aliexpress offers on electronics. However this offer might not be available on certain products that can be up for the user to check.
  • Seller Discounts- On purchase of a refrigerator you can avail a discount of up to Rs. 275 on the total price if the total price goes above Rs. 20,638 in total.

Major Products to look forward to in this Sale

  • Single Door Small Refrigerator on Aliexpress – Get this white colour cubicle shaped refrigerator for yourself that serves the purpose very well for people who are living alone. The product can be purchased for Rs. 4987 only instead of its original price of Rs. 5937 on the sale. It gets delivered at an estimated time of 15 days and has a capacity of 60 litres. The power of the fridge is 60 W and it is frost free as well.
  • Beverage Drink Small Refrigerator- Head on to Aliexpress now and get this cute little beverage refrigerator for yourself. You can freeze a can of any drink in it and the best part is that it is portable and comes with USB charger as well. Instead of its original price of 2500 you get it for just Rs. 1835 per piece and you can order as many pieces as you want from the sale. It is made from plastic material and has a mechanical timer control too to control its temperature.

Aliexpress Sale on Televisions

Worrying about buying a new television for yourself? Well do not anymore as with this sale from Aliexpress you can get major LED televisions, small installable televisions and other kinds of needs that there are for you. Also, the best part is that you can buy all of these products at a smashing discount of 20% discount.

Major brands available- However the brands on Aliexpress shopping portal are limited but you can get really amazing products from their sale. You can get a TV for yourself from- Samsung, MI, Leadstar and Canca there.


  • Seller Discount on TV- Now avail up to Rs. 600 off on the purchase of a television for yourself from Aliexpress sale. The TV in order to be eligible for the offer must be Rs. 21,877 or more.

Major Products to look forward to in this Sale

  • Canca32 inch LED TVGet this TV for yourself that comes in various kind of display size of- 19 inch, 22 inch, 24 inch and 32 inches as well. It has a resolution of 1366 * 768 pixels and comes with 2 USB ports. This TV has been bought earlier 4 times and has a rating of 4 stars from the users. You can buy it for just Rs. 8,401 – Rs. 19,998 instead of its original price which comes at a discount of 29% off.
  • Leadstar 10 inch Portable Car TV- Get this TV and fix it in your car so that you are entertained on the go. You can purchase the product at just Rs. 6275 only instead of its original price of Rs. 7012. This TV comes in two screen size of 9.1 – 12 inches. The TV weighs around of 1 kg and can work on battery as well which can be charges with the USB charger it comes with.

Aliexpress Sale on Laptops

Get a laptop form the most famous and trusted brands that are there from this Aliexpress. These laptops are nicely built and come with latest technology software, resolution and are available in all kinds of sizes- 15.6 inch to palmtops. So whatever is your need first compare from Aliexpress and check their amazing price range for the same that comes at minimum 4% discount.

Major brands available- You can buy laptops from Asus, Lenovo, Mi, Apple and many other famous and well trusted brands from the sale right away.

Major Products to look forward to in this Sale

  • Xiaomi Air Pro Laptop- You can now buy this amazing laptop for just Rs. 65,528 instead of its original price of Rs. 88,484. It has an intel core i7 and has fingerprint lock as well. This metallic laptop can be bought from an option of 8 colors on the website. Other features include 1 TB harddisk storage, Bluetooth connectivity, backlit keyboard and many others as well. It also has a Windows 10 processor system as well as video memory capacity of 2 Gb.
  • Lenovo 5000 Laptop- Now buy this powerpacked laptop from Lenovo that is available at a price of just Rs. 63,248 only instead of its original price of Rs. 67,420. Also, the laptop comes in silver grey color and it has a capacity of 1 TB RAM and has features like- Bluetooth and camera. The display resolution of this laptop is 1920 x 1200 pixels and also an average battery capacity of 7 hours in total. This Lenovo model also has a processor frequency of 2.50 Ghz.

Aliexpress Sale on Air conditioners

Air conditioners are a must but they can go a bit over the top of your budget, but not anymore as with the sale on AiExpress you can buy the AC at up to 50% discount on its total price. So do not wait in this hot summer weather get the best AC that suits your arrangement and price range as well.

Major brands available- Get the perfect kind of home conditioning from various brands like- FirnFose, LZHZXY and others as well that serve the purpose just well.

Major Products to look forward to in this Sale

  • Multi Purpose Cooling Air Conditioner-Well what if we tell you that this product is two in one, it provides cooling and heating both facilities to the user. You can buy it for just Rs. 50,565 only instead of its original price on a discount of flat 30% off on the sale. This cooler is available in black colour and gets delivered within 30 days estimated time. The Air Conditioner is a standing type and can rotate to provide cooling to its surrounding and it weighs around 23 kg.
  • Refrigerator Fan From Aliexpress – Sounds weird but it is one amazing cooling product which can be purchased for just Rs. 7581 only instead of its original price of Rs. 9542. This product comes with buyer protection as well and has a power of 6W. The power source is electric and it comes with wheel so you can shift it anywhere and has a cooling power of less than 1 HP.

Why should one shop under the Aliexpress Deals on Electronics?

Now you must be aware of what benefits you can get after bouncing into Aliexpress in this spring season because offers, where you can get up to 70% discounts on all kinds of electronics- big or small and other exciting offers on electronics and electronics accessories is beyond the measure of happiness if you are looking to buy a new electronic of any kind then surf Aliexpress first. And even if you are not in a mood to buy a newone, you will wish why you didn’t have much chance because obviously who does not wants to save money.

Do not Miss this Sale!

Deal like this does not come every day, so take advantage of these Aliexpress coupon codes and get exciting offers and discounts on any kind of electronics. This spring season has been a remarkable season for electronics phone lovers And don’t miss a chance to make yourself and your loved ones happy this season by gifting them a new electronic gadget or appliance, and always staying connected to them.

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