Alexis Hospital Director booked for molestation over years

Nagpur: No matter how stricter the laws may come, harassment of fairer sex at work place still seems to be a major concern! In yet another notorious example of molestation and harassment at the offices of corporate stature, police have booked a director at Nagpur’s famous Alexis Hospital located in Mankapur for allegedly molesting his female manager repeatedly over years. The accused director at Alexis Hospital has been identified as Suraj Prakash Tripathi who is allegedly known to the victim.

Meanwhile, in the latest development Tripathi has reportedly resigned from the hospital after the case came to the fore.

As per the complaint received by Mankapur police station, the woman informed that she has been travelling abroad along with Tripathi for hospital works since 2016. During this period he had allegedly tried to make undue advances and misconducted with the lady. For the fear of infamy she reportedly kept mum and continued to bear his objectionable gestures. On January 14, 2019 Suraj Tripathi allegedly called up the woman in his cabin again and molested her.

The woman has levelled various serious allegations against Tripathi. She claimed that Tripathi touched her inappropriately and often talked crass with her when they were on official tour abroad. He kept on trying to offer expensive gifts to the woman who would bluntly turn down all his antics everytime. He would also allegedly call up the woman and often drop her chat messages. When the woman narrated her ordeal at home, her brother also spoke to Tripathi who then also apologized for his misconduct and promised never to repeat any such move in future. Tripathi also gave in writing on a stamp paper that he would refrain from making any advances towards the woman..

The woman has claimed to be having many proofs of Tripathi’s undue moves. Meanwhile, when both she and Tripathi resorted to heated exchanges the matter reached Mankapur police station on Sunday. However no arrest has been made so far which has raised question over role of police in the matter.

Nagpur Today tried to call up Tripathi several times but all the attempts to reach out to him failed as he kept his cell switched off.

Did Alexis Management hide Tripathi’s behaviour?

In the light of such a case of harassment at workplace, a question also crops up as to how Alexis Hospital management could not see it happening right under its nose? If the management was aware of such behavior by one of its senior officials, why it did not take timely action. Sources even claimed that top officials at Alexis Hospital were well aware of the incident but they deliberately tried to cover up the incident in order to avoid any bad name to the hospital.