Published On : Fri, Sep 2nd, 2016

Alert traffic cop seizes ganja worth Rs 1.5 crore from ambulance in Kalamna area

Ganja tafficking

Nagpur: An Ambulance, the revered and most sought after vehicle in emergency situations, grabbed the headlines for a wrong reason on September 1, 2016. The ambulance was being misused for transporting over one and half ton of ganja (marijuana) but reached the police station when an alert traffic cop stopped it for a routine checking. However, two drug peddlers managed to escape and are now being hunted. The value of the seized stuff is being quoted as Rs 1.5 crore in the market.

This is probably for the first that such a huge consignment of ganja has been seized in the Second Capital City of Nagpur courtesy alertness of the traffic cop.

According to details, Naik Police Constable Prashant Nisal, attached to Indora Traffic Branch, was on nakabandi duty on Thursday (September 1) around 9.30 pm for checking drunken driving cases. During the duty, Nisal received a tip-off that an ambulance (MP-17/DA 0252) was being driven rashly and in a zigzag way and the driver might be under the influence of liquor.

The ambulance was proceeding towards Nagpur from Bhandara Road but since the driver got a hint of nakabandi midway, he took the ambulance towards Hyderabad National Highway instead of driving inside Nagpur. However, the traffic cop chased the ambulance and stopped the vehicle. While Nisal was questioning the driver, his accomplice fled the spot under the cover of darkness. Seeking his accomplice escaping, the driver to followed suit and made his escape good. Since Nisal was alone, he gave up the idea of chasing the driver and instead focused on the ambulance.

Upon checking, the traffic cop Prashant Nisal a number of boxes stripped with cello tapes. Suspecting the contents in the boxes, Nisal opened them and found a huge quantity of ganja stacked inside. He immediately alerted Police Inspector Salunke of Traffic Branch. Since the seizer was being flashed on wireless messages by Police Control Room, ACP Nilesh Raut and PI Deepak Khobragade too reached the spot and supervised the investigation.

Since the seized ambulance is of Madhya Pradesh passing, two squads of police, led by API Suryavanshi and API Bedolkar, immediately left for Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh respectively in the night itself to nab the absconding driver and his accomplice.