Alert NMC puts itself into top gear, sets up Control Rooms to deal with rainy hazards

Nagpur News: The Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) has become active in a professional way and is ready with top gear to avert and handle deadly situations the rains trigger when the city is lashed bu monsoon.  The hazardous situations are in various shapes and varying magnitudes like waterlogging in many areas, flood-like situation in Nagpur’s rivers that submerge nearby areas and other rain related difficulties. The NMC Commissioner Shyam Wardhane called a meeting all concerned authorities and chalked out various strategies to deal with an untoward incident.


The NMC has initiated following measures to tackle possible eventualities the rains may create during the season and setting up of Control Rooms working round the clock is the part of the steps.

1)      The Emergency Control Room adjoining  the Fire Brigade Department have been opened. The Control Room will function 24 hour and the NMC officials and employees from concerned departments would remain present 24 hours in three shifts.

2)      The General Administration Department will monitor and post officials and employees in the Control Room.

3)      The concerned departments would coordinate with Monsoon Emergency Control Rooms in accordance with the following emergencies.

A)     Uproot of trees: Garden Department and Fire Brigade

B)      Clearing of waterlogged areas: Fire Brigade and Public Works Department.

C)      Electricity lines, streetlights and uprooting of poles: Electricity Department and Fire Brigade.

D)     Collapse of houses: Fire Brigade, PWD, Health Department, Enforcement Department, Hot Mix Plant Department.

E)      Floods: Fire Brigade.

4)      All Ward Officers should keep the system well-planned with necessary machineries. Night duties would be carried out by the Health Department’s Inspectors/Junior Engineers, Establishment Department’s Engineering Assistants. They would have kept a list of schools and halls nearby areas which get flooded due to lower locations. If the situation gets worsened the NMC will shift the residents to nearby schools and halls. They have to get themselves equipped with phone numbers of Principals or watchmen of the schools and managements of the halls. The officials would provide these phone numbers to Zone-level Control Rooms and the main Control Room at Civil Lines HQ.

5)      The Health Department officials and employees as per directives of Head of Departments and Ward Officers are present at Fire Brigade’s Control Room with necessary gadgets.


The NMC Commissioner has directed the concerned authorities to get the open manholes immediately covered as the open manholes claim several lives of the unwary kids, and even aged persons.

Following are the Control Rooms set up an various areas with names of officials, their posts, and the important phone numbers. In the emergency situations the Control Rooms could be of great help for citizens in dangerous situations: