Published On : Sat, Jan 9th, 2016

Alert Nagpur! You cannot wear army pattern uniforms any more after fresh Army diktat

Nagpur: That Nagpur has been put on high alert post Pathankot attack is the most obvious thing to happen, given the past failed attempt to invade RSS fort in Nagpur and also the recent hanging of 1993 Mumbai serial blast convict Yakub Memon in the Central Jail here. However, a serious security concern has been raised for other tier II and tier III cities as well! So much so that the Army has to appeal civilians to avoid wearing Army pattern dresses. The Army has issued these fresh guidelines to the public to prevent terror attacks. The guidelines, to be followed across the country, come nearly a week after six terrorists infiltrated through the border and launched attack at the Air Force station in Pathankot, claiming the lives of seven security personnel.

Nagpur is no exception when it comes to flaunting army colored uniforms or the look-alike dresses. More recently wearing army pattern uniform has become a new fashion fad among guys in Nagpur. Not only commoners, Army has also instructed private security agencies, police and other central forces to avoid wearing combat uniforms to create a style rage.

As Nagpur Today delved deeper it turned out Nagpur has been keeping high on adopting army styled dresses to up their style statement. The trend is increasingly seen among the guys as compared to the girls who are less attracted to the specific pattern. “You can easily spot young morning walkers wearing army pattern dresses, however not many guys are choosing it as their fashion symbol. Still such practice should be avoided in view of spate of serious incidents,” said a senior citizen at NIT Garden in Trimurti Nagar.

It was said that civilians should avoid wearing “Army-pattern” dresses and shopkeepers were asked not to sell combat cloth, Army uniforms and equipment as “it is illegal” to do so, an official spokesperson informed.
Also private security agencies, police and other central forces not to wear “combat-pattern” dresses as “it is not authorized and leads to false alarms”, the official said.

“All traders and shopkeepers interested in selling Army uniforms may approach the local military authority and request for shops in units/cantonments approved areas/shops,” the official said. “It is illegal to sell Army uniforms to unauthorized persons,” the official said, adding, “The guidelines have been issued in public interest and to prevent terror attacks.”