Published On : Fri, Apr 2nd, 2021

Alarming deaths: Shortage of hearse vans, Aapli buses carrying Covid bodies in Nagpur

Nagpur: With the massive spike in Covid-19 cases in the Second Capital, death toll is also increasing alarmingly. The situation has come to such a pass that hearse vans are also in shortage for carrying bodies. As a last resort, the Nagpur Municipal Corporation has started utilising buses as hearse vans, according to reports.

The second wave of the deadly virus has turned out to be a cause of concern. The death toll is increasing day by day. NMC employees have been assigned the responsibility of performing the last rites of the patients who died due to Corona infection. Till now, the bodies of corona patients were being transported to crematoriums in hearse vans of social organisations in view of less number of deaths. But the surge in the number of deaths has forced the NMC to transport the bodies in buses. Many Aapli Buses have been converted into hearse vans or ambulances. Four buses simultaneously carry 4 or 5 bodies to crematoriums for the last rite, reports said.

NMC has formed squads comprising five members each for lifting bodies. Four Aapli Buses start transporting bodies from GMCH and Mayo at 11 am for last rites. The service continues till 8 pm. NMC has a fleet of nine hearse vans and four buses have been added as hearse vans.

On Wednesday, within 15-20 hours, over 70 bodies had arrived in GMCH mortuary. Of them, 75 percent bodies were taht of corona patients. At Mayo mortuary, more than 40 bodies are kept daily. 50 percent of bodies are that of corona patients.

In view of emergency situation, ambulances have also been converted as hearse vans. This is causing immense hardships to other patients as no ambulance is available for carrying patients to hospitals. Many times, bodies are being transported in ambulances.