Published On : Thu, Oct 15th, 2020

Ajay Bagdi’s take on Mental Health issues during Covid-19

Hotelier, social activist, philanthropist, and famous entrepreneur of Nagpur, Mr. Ajay Bagdi has some exceptional thoughts and views on the damages that covid-19 has brought among the young individuals. As the world is struggling with pandemic, there are the young minds who are mostly affected because of this. We are all fighting the repercussions caused by pandemic and so are the young adults. These people who are known to be the pillars of India are now falling apart.

Mental health isn’t just about anxiety or depression; just the thought of being tested positive has affected a patient’s mental health and stressed them out too much. Mr. Bagdi believes, “this pandemic has affected us both physically and mentally.” In hard times like these, he is the one who understood the agony of youngsters and decided to act on it.

On world mental health day, Mr. Bagdi decided to take an initiative and host a mental health campaign from his NGO, The Power of One welfare foundation. The campaign was started in association with Dr. Rajesh Rathi, who counselled 35 people for free. The Power of One Welfare Foundation will be providing free counselling like this every week, and help remove this stigma of mental health from the society. The main objective of starting this campaign is to spread awareness about these crucial mental health issues and make significant efforts for the improvement of the same.

Mr. Bagdi’s comprehensive mental health plan consists of 4 major goals for the betterment of the society:

1.Spread awareness and remove the stigma related to mental health from the society.
2.Spread awareness about false information on mental health and covid-19 related misconceptions.
3.Provide comprehensive, responsive, and effective counseling to the needy.
4.Build a sense of belonging, increase confidence, and self-worth among people.

The Power of One Welfare Foundation aims to fulfill all of these goals through their live sessions that they will be conducting every week. While the world is going through utter chaos, thanks to people like Mr. Ajay Bagdi who have taken an initiative to stand for the right and taken responsibility to make things right!