Published On : Tue, Feb 16th, 2021

Agni-Vayu set on a India takeover




~Embark On A Journey To 5 Cities Over 5 Days To Announce Their New Show~


~Lead actors Shivani Tomar & Gautam Vig travel the country, making their first pit stop at Nagpur~



Nagpur, February 15th, 2021: IN10 Media Network’s new Hindi General Entertainment Channel Ishara has been in the news for bringing some of the most unique stories to Indian television. After announcing two shows, third show Agni-Vayu is a saga of imperfect love; one that journeys through different shades of trust and honesty in a world of ambitious people, testing them endlessly at every turn. Essaying the lead of the remarkable story, Shivani Tomar and Gautam Vig are all set to spread their love across the country.


Making their first stop at Nagpur, the Orange City, they were seen interacting with the local people. They shared anecdotes behind their upcoming romantic thriller where destiny entwines the lives of a charitable doctor and a broken lover.


Gautam Vig shared his experience of playing Vayu, “Agni Vayu is very special to me, I can totally identify with the character of Vayu. Just like me, Vayu can easily connect with people and has many shades to his personality. The love story with Agni is beautiful, intense, exciting and will keep the viewers hooked till the very end. I cannot wait for people to watch this show on Ishara


Shivani Tomar shared her experience of playing Agni, “There have been many love stories in the past but this one is very different. Both Agni and Vayu try to stay apart but destiny plays its role in bringing them to each other. Agni is fierce, loving and loyal but when their principles are questioned, they are forced to choose between love and their beliefs. I am extremely excited to be showcasing this story on Ishara and I hope it is received well.


Kick-starting on 1st March 2021, Ishara will be a 24X7 Hindi entertainment channel, available to television audiences on major DPOs (DTH and cable networks) in its launch phase in India. Ishara has already set the market abuzz with the announcement of its two shows Janani & Humkadam. And with Agni Vayu, they are sure to strike a chord with the audiences.

About Ishara

Ishara is a Hindi General Entertainment Channel that offers a wide variety of shows covering a gamut of genres from family drama to love story, mythology to women-centric, and more. The channel is driven to create diverse and disruptive content that gives a panoramic view of life through relatable stories. Positioned as ‘Ishara – Zindagi Ka Nazara’, the channel will capture and celebrate the essence of India’s culture, values, and diverse traditions with a contemporary perspective. Ishara is a venture by the IN10 Media Network. Led by Aditya Pittie, IN10 Media Network focuses on building world-class brands that are the epitome of quality content.















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IN10 Media Network is a parent company to diverse businesses in the media and entertainment industry. With deeply entrenched roots in the creative community and a long association with premium content, the businesses in its folds—including EPIC, ShowBox, Filamchi, Gubbare, Ishara, EPIC ON, DocuBay, Juggernaut Productions and Platanista Games – covering every aspect of the content life-cycle across platforms. Led by entrepreneur Aditya Pittie, IN10 Media Network has its efforts focused on building world-class brands.

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