Published On : Sat, Jun 29th, 2013

After fake ‘police’, bogus ‘postmen’, ‘crafty docs’, Now tricky “maids” sweep booty worth Rs 7,15,000

Nagpur New: Beware Nagpur citizens. You could be the next victims if one were to scan various modus operandi or crafty tricks of criminals to loot and rob the innocent and honest citizens. After fake policemen, bogus postmen, fictitious doctors, and now, comes the turn of phony women “maids” who relieved a family of booty worth Rs 7,15,000. However, their devilish acts or the “picture” have been captured in the CCTV.

According to reports, two women in the age group of 50 years and 27 years respectively entered the house noted businessman dealing in fertilizers and pesticides, Vijay Chandak, a resident of Nawab Layout, Tilak Nagar. The women came to the house Vijay Chandak on the grounds of jobs as maids in early morning, 7.30 to be presise. However, at that time Vijay, wife Bharti Chandak and daughter Purva alias Devashri were sleeping. Bharti woke after hearing the door bell rang and opened the door. Bharti saw two women standing outside, and when she asked for the reason, the two women demanded jobs as maids. Bharti, too, immediately offered them jobs of maids. Bharti first asked the 50-year old woman to clean the house and then told the 27-year old woman to cook.

The Chandak family had just shifted to Tilak Nagar residence just five months ago. Previously, they used to stay in Dharampeth (famous for a horse that stood at his stable at the corner of the house for many many years).  The women completed their cleaning and cooking jobs within half an hour or one hour. However, the 50-year old woman, who told Bharti her name as Sunita, again went to the bedroom of Bharti. This times, after finding no one in the bedroom, she swooped up gold, diamond jewellery and a cash of Rs 60,000 collectively worth Rs 7,15,000 as per the “cleaning job.”

The terribly shocked Bharti said her husband Vijay had specifically brought the jewelleries from bank locker for the engagement ceremony of his nephew. Although the burglary took place on Thursday, it was noticed on Friday as some guests were to visit them for lunch. When she opened the almirah, where the ornaments like gold bangles,  necklace, gold ring and the cash were kept, Bharti felt “tremors” as the bounty was swept away by the two “maids” whom she herself had offered jobs of cleaning and cleaning. The criminal “maids” even did not spare the silver glasses the kids used to drink milk.

Vijay Chandak’s establishment “Chandak Bandhu” dealing fertilizers and pesticides is located near Geeta Mandir. Bharti lodged a complaint in this with Ambajhari Police who are hunting the two women “maids” who have been clearly shot by the CCTV thus making the job of arresting them easy for police to some extent.