Published On : Tue, Dec 15th, 2015

After 20-years, people from Chichbhuvan ESR Command area getting daily water supply

More than 25000 citizens from 30 localities benefitted As alternate day water supply turned into daily


Nagpur: More than 25000 residents of Chichbhuvan Command Area under Hanuman Nagar zone in South-West Nagpur which faced water crunch for a very long time, now days are ‘happy’ and experiencing benefits of daily water supply with adequate pressure.


It was learnt that since 1995 (for almost 15 to 20-years), residents of around 30 localities from Hanuman Nagar zone were receiving water supply on every alternate day. But with the continuous efforts, hydraulics management and bulk water management put up jointly by Nagpur Municipal Corporation and Orange City Water (OCW), these localities are now receiving an improved-daily water supply for 2 to 3 hours.

The improvement of alternate day to daily supply is seen in almost 30 areas like including Jai Durga Nagar 1,2,3,4,5,6; Shilpa Society 1,2,3,4; New Lokkalyan Society, Saikrupa Society, Santaji Society, Menghare Layout, Kachore Layout, Sammati Layout, RTO Society, Suraj Society, Bhartiya Society, Rajgruha Society, Kaikade Nagar, Adiwasi Colony,

Panthon Society, Samajbhushan Society, Nagarvikas Society, Manish Nagar, Santaji Society (2), Mausam Colony.

Residents of these areas are happy and satisfied. When contacted they said, “Now with NMC-OCW by their technical expertise have turned alternate day water supply into daily, there is hardly a reason to complain”.

A major benefit is that now people are not storing water. This has resulted in significant saving of water as people earlier used to throw away stored water and store again because they received water alternate day. But there is no such need these days. Even those who used tullu (Booster) pumps earlier have stopped using them as we are getting

sufficient pressure. “We were skeptical that there might be a drop in pressure when we switch to daily supply but the case is actually the opposite and we find an increased pressure here”, they confirmed.

gdfgWhen contacted, people were more than willing to share their ‘before-after’ experience regarding water supply. Mr. Sharadchandra Lambe, a senior citizen and resident of Madhuban Society said, “The situation is way better now than what it was before. Not only the alternate day water supply has turned daily but there is also adequate pressure to the water supplied. The residents of the area are very satisfied. We couldn’t have asked for more.”

fghfMr. Sharad Kulkarni of Shilpa Society echoed similar views like Mr. Lambe. Mr Kulkarni said, “Shilpa Society got its water pipeline charged in the year 2002. But we could hardly get water. Till last year, we only received alternate day water supply. vcxMrs. Kulkarni said, “We are now able to be carefree about water. We are assured that sufficient water will be supplied to us which is of good quality too. We do not even use water purifiers because we don’t feel the need for it.

Mrs. Archana Shreedhar Bawdekar expressed satisfaction over the improved water supply in their area, i.e. Suraj Society, Vaidya Nagar. “We are completely satisfied as far as the water supply is concerned. Compared to the scenario of past years, this time is a bliss. The supply is sufficient, the pressure is good, the quality is fine and the bills are fair.gfdg

What can one complain about! We are simply ‘happy’.

sfsdfMr. Shyamsundar Gohokar, resident of Jay Durga Society-2 and a teacher at NMC School said, “Now that the supply has turned daily, there is hardly a reason to complain. A major benefit is that people are not storing water. This has resulted in significant saving of water as people earlier used to throw away stored water and store again because they received water alternate day. But there is no such need these days.

Even the slum dwellers are delighted to have a daily supply with improved pressure, confirms sdsaMurli Gaikwad of Mahajan Nagar locality, “We are getting water daily, the pressure is good and the quality is good too.”

Sandhya Jadhav from the same area told that the residents of Mahajan Nagar are very happy to receive a good quality water supply.

A total of around 25000+ citizens have been benefitted due to this outcome of sincere efforts by NMC-OCW. Even the public representatives of Chichbhuvan Command Area also expressed their satisfaction.

sdfdsMrs. Jayashree Wadibhasme (Laxmi Nagar Zone Chairman ) expressed that people of this area have suffered a lot. They deserved a better water situation and had hopes from NMC-OCW people. NMC-OCW lived up to their expectations and with their relentless efforts, they brought a positive change. “We hope that the current situation continues in Summer season as well. The staff of OCW is also very supportive.” She stated.

fsdfAnother Hon. Corporator Mr Avinash Thakre (Former Standing Panel, Head) said that we are committed towards making Nagpur Water Wealthy and are putting their sincere and thoughtful efforts in this direction. But it is also the responsibility on part of the people that they should be wise in their water use. They should pay their water bills regularly.

People should also refrain themselves from using booster pumps and should not let others also to use booster pumps.

Mr Thakre appealed people to stop illegal use of water through unregistered connections and get themselves registered with NMC-OCW..

A better future will be a result of mutual understanding and discharging of responsibilities by NMC-OCW and the public at large. Let us all be aware of this fact and work our way together to achieve the goal.