Published On : Tue, Feb 16th, 2016

After 10 years, Darshan Colony residents relieved of contaminated water supply


Nandanvan command area residents ‘Satisfied’ on crystal clear & clean water supply


Nagpur: Residents of Darshan colony, one of the very old localities of South Nagpur (located in a Nandanvan Proposed II ESR command area) after a long wait of almost 10 years, have recently started receiving clean and clear water at their taps.


It is learnt that since past 10 years the issue of contaminated water supply persisted in this area. The water network was laid way back in the 1990’s. People residing here had their connection too since then. It is a closely knit area with mostly individual houses, densely situated. This area has faced the issue of contamination for the longest of time and in the worst of its kind.

Experts in the industry confirm that all over world almost 21% of common diseases are water borne like Gastroenteritis, Typhoid, Diarrhea, Jaundice, etc. Similarly, people from Darshan Colony area also suffered a lot from such diseases and continued to suffer until the NMC-OCW came for their rescue.

It is worth mentioning here, in the year 2014, NMC-OCW took up this task of making entire area contamination free, and with thoughtful and relentless efforts, and technical expertise relieved the citizens of this area of the issue of contamination.

Not only Darshan Colony but Shri Nagar of Nandanvan Proposed 2, Kirti Nagar and Prashant Nagar of Nandanvan Existing ESR also faced the contamination of more or less the same severity and these areas are also now enjoying clean, safe and sufficient water.

Not only in these areas, but even the overall water quality in the city has shown improvement lately. The water quality was at 79% when the Uninterrupted water supply scheme was commensed whereas with the constant efforts from the experts of NMC and OCW the quality is at a roaring high of 95-98%

The improvement in the water quality could be achieved due to tremendous hard work of NMC-OCW in identifying and rectifying or isolating the source of contamination. Replacement of dilapidated pipeline and repair of major leakages eliminated the contamination source. In Darshan Colony itself, 15 leakages have been arrested while in Shri Nagar 7 leakages were arrested which helped a long way in relieving the area off contamination.

It is observed that most of the polluted water complaints the source is the illegal tapping from existing main pipelines. The process of identifying such points and isolating them is a continuous process. Since these illegal pipe connections are so rampant in the city of Nagpur it will take some more time to completely eliminate such sources of water contamination.

NMC-OCW technical experts maintain the chlorine dosing from Water Treatment Plant at optimum level and further down the line the booster dosing of chlorine at MBR, GSR and ESR by Hypochlorite solution or Bleaching powder is also being maintained to ensure potable water supply to the service areas at all times.

Further, the dedicated Water quality team has been continuously monitoring the water sample collection, analysis, report generation, polluted water complaints, resampling and complain closure.

Residents of Nandanwan command area, especially womenfolk, of the area were completely grateful and excited to respond.

Shashikala BawiskarShashikala Bawiskar of Darshan Colony said that the situation has improved and they are getting good quality water supply since more than a year.

Seema GirhareSeema Girhare of Darshan Colony said that the contamination problem persisted off and on for several years. The water received was of black colour. But after the NMC-OCW changed our House Service Connection and conducted some repair works, this issue never popped up again.

It may be mentioned here that since this is an old locality many of the underground pipes and House Service Connections in this area were old and rusted which was the cause of contamination here.

Experts from NMC-OCW made whole-hearted efforts to eliminate the woes of the people here and their honest efforts paid off in the form of the smiles on the faces of these ladies.

NMC-OCW have replaced the traditional Ferule technique for House Service Connections with modern Strap Saddle. In this technique, two parts of pipe are joined using Electro-fusion. This technique uniformly joins two parts and eliminates the threat of entry of pollutants and subsequent contamination.

Around 1500 people have been benefitted in these areas.

Mrs. Vidya ChoudharyVidya Choudhary too confirmed that the problem of contamination is a thing of past and the water supply received today is of very good quality.

Mr. DnyaneshwarDnyaneshwar Waghade said that since 1-1.5 years after NMC-OCW replaced our connections, the contamination has not popped up again.

Mr. BondreBondre, fondly known as Bondre Kaka in the locality was the one who followed up for the resolution of this problem rigorously. He laughed when we recalled how many times he called up OCW people everyday when the efforts for the solution were on. But for the past year he hasn’t got any reason to call up OCW since there are no water supply issues anymore.

Mrs. SurkarSurkar also opined the same. The new connections given by NMC-OCW are proving to be a boon since the most dreaded problem i.e. of contamination is eliminated because of it.

NMC-OCW will continue these collective efforts in order to fulfil their commitment towards ‘Clean, Safe and sufficient water for every household and for everyone in the household.’