Published On : Mon, Sep 11th, 2017

Address real issues Mr. P.M. Please speak up before it is too late!

New Delhi: Less than a week after senior journalist Gauri Lankesh is murdered horribly at her house gate, and just 2 days after a very young 7 year old boy is literally butchered inside his school toilet in an upmarket school in Gurugram, which can be called a rich suburb of Delhi, the PM addresses a large gathering of youth in Delhi.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was addressing a students convention to mark the 125th anniversary of Swami Vivekanandas Chicago address and Pt Deendayal Upadhyaya centenary celebrations.

The theme of the convention was Young India, New India.

But does the PM utter even one word of regret, or alarm, or remorse even that such brutal crimes are taking place in our country?

No! He expounds on Ideals and Idealism and how Vivekananda believed in not giving sermons but acting.

Wonder how Vivekananda would have reacted if he had been alive?

Would he not have remonstrated against such happenings in the strongest possible words? Would he have not said that his ideals of Hindu Religion did not and would not tolerate silencing of the dissenting voice by force?

Would he not express horror that little children even were not safe in their schools?

No speech, no action even?

Let’s see how the Central Govt. has reacted?

Have they arrested the tweeter who made the now most notorious and infamous tweet about ‘kuitya’ and ‘pille’? (That man now says he had never even heard of Gauri Lankesh before her death and it was just a ‘normal tweet!’)

Have they arrested the BJP politician from Karnataka who said in a public speech that if Gauri had not been criticizing RSS she would have been alive today?

Do not arrest, but let the leader of the country, the Prime Minister of the nation at least condemn such utterances and such tweets! Is that too much to hope for?

Instead the PM says in a very round about way that please respect women! That is the only allusion we can make in his long speech about violence against a woman journalist.

He talks about those who ‘keep India clean’ being the only ones who can say Vande Mataram.

With that opening I hoped against hope that the PM would make some comments about the thousands of ‘Safai cleaners’ who have lost their lives in suffocating Indian drains. But no, these deaths, many of the recent ones having happened in Delhi again, do not seem to be in the consciousness of the man who runs the country.

When the occasion arises this strong orator can spew venom and vitriolic against his political opponents, even if they have been past Prime Ministers of the country. Remember his taking a shower with a raincoat remark against Manmohan Singh?

Then why silence at such dire times when the whole country is shaken up?

We need re assurances Mr. Prime Minister… we need to know that you are concerned and will act strongly against people who spread hatred, against killers, whether they be of journalist or little kids.

If you don’t speak up at such times, how do we know what is your real ‘Man ki baat’? What goes on in your mind when such tragedies strike?