Published On : Sat, Apr 20th, 2019

Acute water shortage in Wadi, tanker supplies water once in 12 days

Nagpur: While the city residents are not facing drinking water scarcity this summer season, the situation is pathetic in the adjoining areas.

People residing under the Wadi Municipal Council on Amravati Road, adjoining Nagpur city are facing harrowing time due to drinking water scarcity for the past several months. At present, the people are supplied drinking water through tanker. A large number of water barrels are seen in front of every house in the locality.

According to the local residents, earlier the tanker would visit their area every Saturday. However, now it visits once in 12 days. Thus they are made to wait for the basic necessity for a longer period.

The local residents raised the issued before leaders of some political party, who had visited the area for poll campaigning around a fortnight ago. The leaders had then assured the problem would be solved soon, but to no avail.

With the tanker visiting after every 12 days, the people store water in barrels to meet their needs. Residents of Dattawadi are supplied water from Vena filter, where the situation is alarming. According to reports, the situation would worsen in coming days and it is high time the administration initiates necessary steps.