Published On : Thu, Jul 24th, 2014

Act of crow raises eyebrow ; Anti-superstition lot believes bird avenging young one’s death

01 (6) Nagpur News.

A man is harassed and distressed as the destiny has played some peculiar game to him. Everytime he steps out a crow pecks on him. A few days ago Nagpur Today had published a story of a man continuously attacked by a crow. This story caught the attention of many people. While some fake pundits or seers made a fool of the Auto rickshaw driver by telling that this was a result of some gruha dosh (Shani) or that the crow is actually someone among his forefathers reincarnated in the bird’s form. They have been fleecing money from the auto-rickshaw driver identified as Raju Meshram under the pretext of getting a remedy for the crow hitting him. Raju Meshram is a resident of Savitribai Fule Nagar, Manewada Road.

However the members of Akhil Bharatiya Andhashradha Nirmulan Samiti (Members of Anti-Superstitious practices Prevention Society) helped Raju to finally get a relief from his problems by revealing the actual cause or motive behind the crow pecking him on his head every-day. The Samiti members investigated into the entire incident and unraveled the cause for the crow in pecking on his head every-time he went out. During the investigation, the members found a dead young crow caught in the twine of kite on the electric wire passing near Raju Meshram’s house. The young crow could have died because of the kite’s string.  Neighbours informed that soon as the young crow died, Raju happened to come out on the terrace.

The samiti members believe that the concerned crow must have assumed that Raju killed his little one. “That is the reason why the crow is attacking Raju every time he came out,” said one of the members. They suggested Raju to change his appearance, which may make it difficult for the crow to recognize him.

The crow pecking on Raju has become a joke in every street and lane of Tukdoji Square area.

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Myths behind mystery

Raju has not been going out to earn his livelihood for the last 20 days because of the fear of the crow pecking on him. To get a relief from this hassle of the crow, the family members had advised Raju to go to some seer. Adhering to his family member’s advice, Raju went and met a seer (Pandit) sitting in front of the Shiv Temple situated near Gandhisagar. The pundit said that this is happening to him because of the anger of Lord Shani (Astrologically one of the planets called Saturn). The pundit had allegedly taken an dakshina of Rs 101 to allay the problem. However, when the problem did not get allayed, Raju and his family members went to another pundit.

This time, the second pundit said that in fact the crow is actually the rebirth of his grandfather and that the grandfather is very angry with his grandson. If this was not enough, the pundit had claimed that his grandfather had died in an accident.

Another pundit had opined that crows bring bad omen and something that is going to be very harmful to him and his life.

21 lakh reward for proving it’s a black magic!

Inspite of his pujas, when the problems did not get solved, the family was approached by the members of Akhil Bharatiya Andhashradha Nirmulan Samiti. The members of the Samiti included Avinash Nimkar, Nanu Newre, Shekhar Soni, Gyaneshwar Gurav, Savita Pande, Naresh Nimje, Ramesh Gaur, Uttam Sulk and Somaji Shambarkar. They explained to Raju Meshram and his family members that no amount of magic and black-magic is going to work and how all of that is pure hood-winking techniques. The National Executive President of the Akhil Bharatiya Andhashradha Nirmulan Samiti has declared that if anyone proves that this is a work of black-magic, he would give a cash reward of Rs 21 lakhs.