Published On : Sat, Feb 6th, 2016

Ace question: Why so much pampering of Pakistani singers? asks Dr Prabha Atre


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Veteran Kirana Gharana vocalist Dr Prabha Atre, who was in city to participate in Anubhooti Festival, said that many people felt saddened when a programme of Pakistani singer Gulam Ali was cancelled in India. At the same breath, she posed a pertinent question: “Does Pakistan respect the Indian singers?” “Are that country’s intentions ‘Pak’ (holy) over hosting Indian singers?” This fact should also be pondered over. We welcome Pakistani singers and perform in India. But why there should be pampering of Pakistani singers by us? questioned the ace classical singer.

The legendary singer was interacting with media persons after her programme at Anubhooti Festival. She said, “As singers we never think of borders of the countries. We respect and admire all. Our contry has embraced several artists from all over the world. Pakistani artists have been performing in our country continuously since years. However, cancellation of Gulam Ali’s programme was hotly debated as if there is no other issue. Ironically, the way India accepted and admired Pakistani artists the same was not reciprocated by that country. How many Indian singers have performed in Pakistan? Those who have expressed regrets over cancellation of Gulam Ali’s programme should also ponder over this aspect, too,” asserted the veteran singer.

“Lessons of classical music should be imparted to children from school days. Classical music must be adopted and learnt by today’s younger generation. But no efforts in this respect are made at all. It is but natural to have influence of western culture. At the same time, we have failed to imbibe influence of our traditional music. We will have to strive and crave for creating audience for Indian classical music,” stated Dr Prabha Atre.