Published On : Sat, Feb 21st, 2015

ACB nabs Assistant Commissioner of Police Baba Dongre red handed accepting a bribe of Rs.10,000

ACP Baba Dongare

One starts to question the very safety and security of ourselves when the law-enforcers become law-breakers. In a swift action initiated by the team of Anti Corruption Bureau officials from Gondia had laid a trap and had arrested Assistant Commissioner of Police Baba Dongre red-handed while accepting a bribe of Rs 10,000/-(Rupees Ten Thousand) on February 21, 2015.

The complainant a hotel owner aged 35-40 and the owner of the building in which the hotel was running had some dispute going on. Sources said that the dispute was something to do with cheating. There was a preventive action taken by the cops of Pachpaoli Police Station against the accused. The cops had sent the accused to the Assistant Commissioner of Police who has judicial powers to hear the case. Usually the ACP reprimands him and sends him away.

However, after the accused (here the complainant) presented himself for more than two times to the ACP, the ACP had allegedly demanded a bribe of Rs 10,000 for squashing up the case against the accused. The ACP had allegedly claimed that he will ensure that the case is squashed and he (accused) will be allowed to go scot free. The ACP had allegedly claimed that he has powers to let him go scot free without any action.

However, the complainant realized that when a police official of ACP rank does such kind of misuse of his powers, he should be punished. So he immediately went and registered a case against him with the Anti Corruption Bureau.

Since the accused ACP is a high ranking official, the news of the trap may get leaked and other cops may protect him. So the entire trap was kept very confidential. Superintendent of Police Anti Corruption Bureau (Range) Prakash Jadav coordinated the entire case and a team from Gondia laid the trap and arrested the Assistant Commissioner of Police Baba Dongre red handed while accepting a bribe. The ACB officials had arrested him under sections of Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988.

The team of Anti Corruption Bureau from Gondia included Assistant Commissioner of Police Anil Lokhande, Police Inspector Vinod Wakde, NPC Nilesh Barve, Dinesh Adapure, Milind Halmare, Police Constables Chandranag Taksande and Manish Kamble.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Baba Dongre is said to be in-charge of Panchpaoli, Jaripatka and Koradi Police Stations. Sources said that he had only one more year to get retired. Sources said that ACP Dongre is a good officer. Many allegations were made against him earlier, but he had always come out of all of them victorious. ACP Dongre’s arrest has sent ripples in the police officials. He has been instrumental in guiding officers to solve many difficult cases. However, sources also alleged that he was a very resourceful person and had contacts with all types of people. Some sources alleged that he had connections with many goons, bootleggers, illegal gambling dens, etc. Many illegal businesses were run under his protection too sources alleged.