Published On : Sat, Jul 25th, 2015

ACB chief vs Kejariwal: Meena orders probe into tendering for helpline number!

Delhi ACB Chief orders probe into tendering for helpline (Kejriwal Vs Delhi ACB Chief)

One cannot perceive as to what turn the Delhi government politics may take at any point of time. Interestingly, while the battle between Arvind Kejariwal headed Delhi government and Lt governor Najeeb Jung is not finding any hope of ceasefire, it has taken a new turn with the fresh intrusion by Anti-corruption bureau (ACB) chief Mukesh Meena. Now, the ACB chief, apprehending a massive corruption in the tender process for helpline, has ordered a probe into tender process for helpline No. 1031 launched by Delhi chief minister, Kejariwal.

It may be mentioned here that about two days ago the ACB had terminated the helpline No. 1031 issued by Delhi government and issued the new number, as, 011-23812905 and 011-23812906. Naturally this overpowering tactics is bound to further deepen the conflict between the ACB chief and Kejariwal.
The Delhi government’s helpline number had become eye-sore for ACB chief Meena and he raised objection as to why the the complaints against corruption sent on helpline 1031 were not being sent to him. In his views when the complaints against corruption on the helpline were not being attended by Delhi government, the helpline should be terminated.
It is to be recalled here that the helpline was launched on April 5, 2015 at the hands of chief minister Arvind Kejariwal at Talkatora Stadium in Delhi to deal with corruption.