Published On : Fri, Jun 19th, 2015

ABCD2 : Movie Review by Prashen H. Kyawal

ABCD2 : From Reality to REELity


From the unknown lanes of Nala Sopara, emerges an ambition to compete with the best Hip-Hop groups in the world. After tackling all real world problems, it gets fulfilled as the group “Fictitious” becomes a well known names through competitions and reality dance/talent shows.

ABCD2 is the tribute to this undying spirit in common Indians. It is a salute to their belief that they can be at par or sometimes even better than the world. It is not the progression of the first part but a separate new story with glimpses or formulaic impressions of the earlier instalment.

Suresh (Varun Dhawan) and his dance group who do different jobs to make livelihood, are passionate hip-hop dancers. They get outstayed from an Indian reality show due to copying complete dance routine of someone else. They are shamed across the nation and to get back their lost reputation, they want to participate and win international hip-hop competition in Las Vegas.

For this, Suresh tries to woo Vishnu (Prabhu Deva) to be their mentor and choreographer. After he agrees, they get new members like Dharmesh (Dharmesh Yelande) and others. They win entrance competition at Bangalore and visit Las Vegas. But someone has a different plan? Who is that person? What happens in Las Vegas? Are they able to realise their dreams? Do they win the competition?

Story by Remo D’Souza is interesting but the Screenplay by Tushar Hiranandani is a not very crisp and filled up with made up emotions. First half is breezy but the second half drags and is predictable. Dialogs by Amit Aryan and Mayur Puri are good. Whopping 2hr 32mins timeframe is problematic due to poor writing. Though the scenes are written as gags and those work, but the flow in totality does not work. There are too many subplots and each are wrapped up quickly without sufficient justification.

Director Remo D’Souza, through dances and music, makes sure that the audience do not get chance to think about the “Cinema” aspects of the movie or worry about the flaws in writing. Though the editing by Manan Sagar is lethargic in “Story” part of the movie, the musical n dancicle part of it is thoroughly enjoyable.

Remo is able to get good laughs and entertain in the first half. He is able to showcase camaraderie within the group properly. The dance sequences are absolutely stunning and so are introductions of dancers which are audience favourites. We hear claps now and then which enhances the viewing experience. Though the last but one ganpati song is ineffective for me. Also the climax act tries to cater to too many emotions diluting the experience.

Only problem is he tried to cramp in to many subplots to include many emotions to play to the house. Not only that, he included a lengthy in film promotion for Puja Batra’s “Nirvana” restaurant in Las Vegas. Also the love song between Varun and Lauren in second half is unnecessary. If he could have cut down on the portions in second half and reduced the length by 20-30 mins, it could have been a better experience.

Sticking to the real world dancers in the supporting roles is the best decision taken by the Director which gives the authenticity to the movie. And even though lead roles are played by Varun and Shradhdha, each of them have good screen time. Varun and Shradhdha provide the required star value to the film and do their work properly. They danced well and acted well. But there is nothing extraordinary to mention.

Prabhudeva steals the show and excels in the comic portions. But his role gets sidelined in too many plots. Those who follow DID and other dance shows react and clap to the entry of each of the dancers/actors. And we connect more to them and remember them more.

The movie is technically very strong and production quality is very high. Cinematographer Vijay Arora has done excellent job and the movie is a delight to watch. The dockyard backdrop provides a breath taking view so does the grand canyon. Music by Sachin Jigar is superb. There are 1-2 songs which are from previous movie but they are used properly. The song “Chunar” is very good.

To sum it up, Remo’s movies are collection of gags or “acts” than a proper cinema, but they do provide the required entertainment. They may lack in technic but they are made with lot of heart. So is ABCD 2. Remo tries to give justice to everyone who was in his life of “Real to REElity”. I particularly loved the end shot of “Fictitious” group standing besides Nala Sopara sign mark.
Rating :

3 stars'
Recommendation : It is a good watch. Dance lovers will enjoy it more. Do watch it if you can live with erratic screenplay, length and draggy. It is not a bad bet for a good weekend movie. Just make sure to watch it with “unsophisticated” audience who do not hold back clapping and whistling. You will enjoy it more.