Published On : Wed, May 28th, 2014

Fresh plaints against Wasankar; Goons threatening investors, police mum

Nagpur News.

First, a fraud was committed by swindling crores of rupees from gullible investors and when it came to return their hard earned money, they got nothing but the threat. One of the investors who lodged his complaint at Economic Offences Wing here against Prashant Wasankar of Wasankar Wealth Management for defaulting on payments, architect Vivek Pathak has alleged that that many investors are getting criminal threat calls from alleged mafia from Mumbai. Threats like…. “Hamare Barey Mey Complain Karogey toh Nipat Lenge”, “Suicide Kar, Tumhe Fasa Denge”.

Pathak claimed that he himself got threats saying “Mera Business Kharab Kiya, Abh Apse Bhi Nipat Lenge”. Wasankar had allegedly told Pathak that I was planning my defenses when you spoilt it all. Wasankar had allegedly said that I might commit suicide and make you responsible for it.

Police turn blind eye

Pathak told Nagpur Today that the citizens are slowly losing their faith in judiciary and efficacy of the police. “This is more than evident in two major cases of fraud or scams of the recent past, Pramod Agrawal of Mahadev Developers and Sameer Joshi of Shree Surya. The people who had invested in their Ponzi schemes were left high and dry even after complaining to the police. The people claim that what happened after complaining to the police, because we have not received any money back. So most of the investors of Wasankar Wealth Management too claim “Police mey complain karney ka kya fayda?” (What is use of complaining to the police?). In fact Vivek Pathak said that “Hats off to those who have come forward to complain against Wasankar”.

Pathak questioned, “Why have the cops not arrested Wasankar so far? All that the police have recovered so far is the Rs 5 crore worth of property (the house in which Wasankar is presently residing in) and about 2-4 lakhs in cash from various bank-accounts. What about the rest of the cash?”

Pathak stated that the police should have arrested Wasankar and should have interrogated him thoroughly to find out where the cash is? If he says the cash is lost, how and where it lost should be found out from him. The police are delaying the arrest giving him ample time to prepare his defenses. Don’t be surprised if Wasankar walks out scot free.

Pathak has sent a copy of his complaint to all the police-stations in the city so that he is safe from any mischief by Wasankar and his cronies to make him (Pathak) responsible for their suicide, if they commit.

Pathak claimed that things are going towards criminal direction. Things are getting dangerous. The more the delay, Wasankar gets time to criminally intimidate all the witnesses.

How long will the police take to arrest Wasankar? Already 9 months have elapsed. From September 2013, Wasankar has been defaulting in his payment. This delay in police action has only helped Wasankar to take out all his ill-gotten wealth to a safe place somewhere. Thorough interrogation can alone help in recovering the money.

More people lodge complaints against Wasankar:

Nagpur Today spoke to the Investigation Officer of the Economical Offenses Wing of Nagpur Police, Police Inspector Dhane. He said that the investigations are on and that nothing new has surfaced in the investigations. However, he said that three to four more people have come forward to lodge complaint against Wasankar.