Published On : Tue, Oct 27th, 2020

Aapli Bus to hit streets in Nagpur from Oct 28

Top NMC boss follows Gadkari’s directives to run bus service in city

Nagpur: Finally, the common people can heave a sigh of relief as the Aapli bus is set to hit the streets from Wednesday, October 28. Initially, NMC will run 90 buses with full sitting capacity. There will be no standing passengers in the buses. The number of buses will be increased by 30 buses every week. Normally, over 350 buses are run to various destinations in the city. During the bus operation the drivers, conductors and controllers will have to stick to the Covid-19 guidelines strictly.

The wheels of the Aapli bus had come to a grinding halt due to Coronavirus outbreak and the subsequent lockdowns since March this year. But with the situation normalising slowly and steadily, many delegations met the local MP and Union Minister Nitin Gadkari and urged him to start the Aapli Bus service in Nagpur. Taking note of the requests and the need to provide relief to the common people, Gadkari took up the matter with Municipal Commissioner Radhakrishanan B and asked him to start Aapli bus service in the city. Acting on Gadkari’s directives, the Municipal Commissioner convened a meeting of concerned authorities and approved the bus service.

In the first phase, 37 buses will run from October 28 and from Monday, November 2, 53 more buses will be in operation. The top NMC boss also assured to run more buses after full adherence to Covid-19 guidelines.

Priority for running the bus service would be given to the areas on the outskirts of the city from where maximum people come to the city in connection with work. As industrial zones have started operations, thousands of commuters faced hardships over transport. Usually, over 1.50 lakh commuters travel in Aapli buses on a daily basis. In the absence of buses, the autorickshaw drivers fleeced the people especially the working class who have to daily traverse long distances for work.

The demand to start Aapli Bus service in Nagpur was being raised from time to time by delegations led by Congress MLA Vikas Thakre and leaders of NCP, MNS, Yuva Sena and Lalsingh Thakur of Maharashtra Vahatuk Sena. On the other hand, hundreds of people thronged the residence of Gadkari with the demand to start the bus service. Respecting the sentiments of people, Gadkari took up the matter with the Municipal Commissioner. On his part, the Municipal Commissioner followed the directives of the Union Minister and ordered running of 90 buses from October 28 in the first phase.

Watching the response in the first phase, more buses will be run in the second and third phases. The operating staff will have to wear gloves, ensure all protocols are followed and social distancing is maintained. Similarly the commuters would also need to comply with all the instructions like wearing masks, avoiding travel in case they are ill, keeping safe distance and avoid crowding.