Published On : Fri, Jul 31st, 2015

AAP demands quality education at NMC schools

IMG-20150730-WA0007 (1)Nagpur: A delegation of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Nagpur met the NMC Commissioner Shravan Hardikar at his office here on July 30 and it expressed its futuristic concern about the NMC run schools whose strength is going down year after year, and it also registered its fear that a day might come when there would be no admissions in NMC schools.

It stressed the need to improve the quality of education in NMC school and immediate removal of various anomalies. It also handed over a memorandum of demand to the NMC Commissioner and discussed in brief the contents given therein. Hardikar giving a patient hearing to the delegation assured that he would do his best to improve the quality of education in NMC schools.

The delegation was led by Vidarbha co-ordinator of AAP, Dr Devendra Wankhede, and accompanied by district organizer Ashok Mishra, secretary Kavita Singhal, Adv C Sharma, Adv Rajesh Bhoyar, divisional coordinator Shankar Ingole, Anil Choudhary, Rakesh Dave, Chandrashekhar Parad, Munna Tiwari and some party-workers.

The memorandum brought to the notice of the NMC Commissioner that it was the basic duty of the NMC to provide education to all children from every nook and corner of the city including slum areas, which is not being done, as it seems.

It informed the NMC top official that earlier about 10,000 students of Marathi, Hindi, Urdu (in primary level 166 schools, and secondary level 28 schools) were getting education, but the same strength is not there today, due to neglect of the administration towards them. As a result, the school teachers have become surplus and they are required to execute other duties under NMC. The AAP has suggested a 12-point formula to the NMC which is as follows:

1. Improvement/ face lifting in terms of NMC school buildings, furniture, desks and benches, fans and light, good sports-grounds, sports material, sports instructors, computers, fresh and pure drinking water, basic amenities toilets, able teachers, health and hygienic measures updated.
2. Seeking necessary grants from state government.
3. Highlighting government recognition of schools and level of grants on the notice boards and letter head of schools.
4. Allotment teaching assignment as per medium and teachers appointed for the purpose.
5. Check on the irregular appointments at schools and departments.
6. Teachers’ time to time orientation and refresher courses, CCTV in class rooms and staff rooms.
7. Separate toilets and wash rooms for teachers and students–boys and girls with cleanliness.
8. Restarting of English medium education in NMC school, which has been one of the causes of reduction in strength.
9. RTE be implemented strictly and government funds be used properly, and shunning the misuse of funds,
10. Provision of computer education to all students from crores worth of grant for computers.
11. Abiding by Apex Court directives to check sexual crimes at schools, appointment of supervisory committee of whistle blowers, and taking effective action against defaulters.
12. Never let school building or any portion of it for usage other than teaching.