Published On : Wed, Jul 17th, 2013
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AAP asks citizens to force Congress, BJP to tear apart accords with Spanco, OCW

Both parties have been waging wars against each other over robbing and looting by SNDL, OCW thus selectively neglecting that both SNDL and OCW are their own products. Both parties have lost the moral to criticize each other, the Aam Aadmi Party asserted.

Nagpur News: The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), taking head-on both Congress and BJP, has castigated both parties for robbing and looting the gullible citizens by thrusting upon them the SNDL (Spanco) by Congress Government, and the OCW by the BJP Administration in the NMC. And, now, sensing the Lok Sabha and Assembly elections, both parties have resorted to wrestling with each other in the race of fulfilling the promises both parties have made and further promising of goodies to garner the votes of citizens.

“On one hand the top BJP leaders are vehemently opposing the Spanco and demanding cancellation of agreement with the franchisee for power supply to Nagpur’s three zones comprising 4.50 lakh consumers, and on the other hand, have ensured looting by privatizing of water and giving contract to the “white elephant” OCW on the same conditions and terms like Spanco. The AAP condemns and strongly protests the corrupt practices and double standards adopted by the Congress and BJP,” a press release issued by the Spokeman of AAP Girish Nandgaokar said.

“The promises being doled out by the Congress and BJP leaders after feeling the poll touch closely are nothing but a political conspiracy as both parties did not consult the very same voters while privatizing water and power thus ensuring emptying of pockets of poor and gullible citizens. Both parties at least should have communicated with the people to whom their products the Spanco and the OCW have been tortured with life-threatening ways and means,” Nandgaonkar said.

It may be recalled that the Maharashtra Government ruled by Congress-NCP combine has provided power supply contract to Spanco by way of snatching the contract from Mahavitaran (MSEDCL) for failure to return crores of Government money. However, now the contract has been handed over to the Spanco group company SNDL. The SNDL waged a sort of war on poor and gullible consumers and looting them by way of forcible installation of faulty power meters, unimaginable amounts of bills, and even threatening the consumers of criminal offenses against them if they don’t fall in their lines.

On the other hand, the BJP, ruling the NMC, followed suit, and handed over water supply to OCW thus privatizing water. The OCW is joint source of Vishwaraj Environment Private Limited and the French Company Vivoliya. That the Nagpur citizens receiving haphazardly hiked water bills in recent days is the result of not-even-started 24×7 water scheme. The poor consumers whose average monthly earning is between Rs 2ooo-3000 are being issued water bills of Rs 200-300 that too not receiving a single drop of water of the 24×7 scheme.

The Aam Aadmi Party has appealed the Nagpur citizens to carry out movements against privatization of water and power which is a violation of the basic human rights. The firm and determined revolution by the citizens will force both BJP and Congress to tear apart the agreements with OCW and Spanco respectively and throw both the private players into dust bins.