Published On : Fri, Aug 21st, 2015

Aamir Khan accuses Twinkle Khanna of insulting him often!

Aamir Khan accuse Twinkle Khanna of insulting him often

Aamir Khan recently attended good friend Twinkle Khanna’s book launch event. At the book launch Aamir Khan revealed that Twinkle always insults him. Talking about Twinkle, Aamir Khan said, “All of us have different abilities and Twinkle is really talented in some of the most amazing activities like insulting people, she is an expert in insulting people. All through my life, since I’ve known her she has just constantly insulted me.” Twinkle Khanna was not far behind, she too revealed a funny secret about Aamir Khan,”I caught Aamir crying behind a rock because he had gone to our Mela director Dharmesh Dharshan to explain a shot and the director didn’t listen to him so he was heartbroken.”To this, Aamir Khan replied, “A film about Twinkle would be named Hunterwaali.” The book launch was also attended by famous celebrities like Jaya Bachchan, Sussanne Roshan and Sonali Bendre.