Published On : Tue, Jan 10th, 2017

Aam Aadmi Shahar Vikas Manch to fight NMC polls

In an important development that could change the political equation in the coming NMC general election, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), Nagpur has decided to contest Municipal Corporation elections. As the party has decided not to enter in the election on its official position but has allowed the workers to contest as independent candidates, the workers have floated a platform called “Aam Aadmi Shahar Vikas Manch”.

This decision has been taken after assessing the local political situation wherein it was observed that the people at large are disillusioned of ten years of misrule of Bharatiya Janata Party in NMC. The Congress cannot be an alternative as it bitterly failed to expose and contain the ten years of misrule of BJP.

“Ten years of BJP rule will be remembered as most corrupt and scandalous and allowed the perpetrators to go scot free. The latest “pothole and bitumen” scandal is still fresh in the minds of citizens. The BJP has reduced the corporation as an agency where only scams takes place and people are coerced to pay increased taxes. In the last ten years rule, the BJP has almost privatized every municipal service and introduced a new regime of “consultants”. Virtually the NMC has been driven into dire financial crisis. There is anger visible on the part of the common citizens but are struggling to find out better alternative,” the party said.

“The Congress is day dreaming that it could capitalize the failure of BJP to its side, but the people by and large are not interested to go Congress side. Actually citizens have lost hopes in the established political parties as they have bitterly failed to take up civic issues and provided alternative pro-people path of urban governance. To fill this vacuum the volunteers have come up with a unique idea of “citizen centric alternative” to the corrupt political class by fielding ordinary citizens who are determined to put themselves as better option before the citizens.”

Therefore, the “Aam Aadmi Shahar Vikas Manch” has come out as an alternative platform, thus appeal all those who are in various movements such as right to information, social, trade union and rights based activities to come forward and contest elections under the aegis Vikas Manch. The manch also appeals particularly the youth, students, professionals having clean image to come forward and become candidates to serve the city and also to save Nagpur Municipal Corporation. The forms will be available since since Wednesday the 11th’Jan between 12 pm and 4 pm. A three members committee consisting of M. Z. Qazi, Amitab Daral and Sanjay Singh has been constituted to scrutinize the forms received.

Those present at media briefing at NMC were. Ravikant Wagh, Rahul Wasamwar, Adv. Shailesh Jaiswal, Adv. Arvind Waghmare, Motesh Borkar, Rajesh Paonikar, Vikrant Gadpaile, Sanjay Singh, Moreshwar Khobragade, Arif Dosani, Kiran Thakre and Deepak Panchbhai.