A youngster takes up cleanliness the fortress way!

Aakash Maraskolhe, Fort, Nagpur
: Inspired by the words of Mahatma Gandhi “The clean person is not the one that runs away from dirt but who takes the time and effort to tidy-up a dirty environment,” a youngster has taken up the cleanliness the fortress way.

Akash Maraskolhe, who completed BA studies from R S Mundle College, found out a solution that desisted people from dumping garbage at a vacant place. The dirty place was not only cleaned but beautified as well. The unique experiment to ensure cleanliness in front of his house was initiated by Futala resident Akash who is now preparing to crack UPSC exam.

As a matter of fact, a vacant place in front of residence of Akash was being used by nearby people to throw filth and waste. The place was even used for open defecation. Confronted by the dirty environment, Akash thought of a novel way to get rid of the nasty problem in a decent but “gigantic” manner. He did not utter a word to the people who were creating the nuisance but took help of his friends. He collected around Rs 6,000 and built a fort on the lines of Rajasthani style. Soon came up a beautiful Shivpratap Gadh (Fort) at the vacant place. He also carved out 10 smaller forts adjacent to the main fort. Now the place wears a beautiful look. The task was not easy. Akash sweated out day in and day out. The efforts bore fruits. Now, the nearby people have stopped dumping garbage at the vacant spot. The unique venture of Akash is being appreciated by one and all.

Most importantly, with his extraordinary initiative, Akash has shown a big mirror to babus of NMC and City Fathers as well. The authorities should learn a lesson or two from Akash’s outstanding act.