A tuition class or school ?

Nagpur: Nagpur Municipal Corporation Nagpur schools are in a very bad shape and so Nagpur Today has be making all efforts to awaken the NMC administration so that it may improve the conditions. The state of the Ramnagar Marathi Girls Higher Primary School was found to be the worst among all the schools seen till now. In this school right from the first standard to eighth standard there are just 21 students. Out of these 7 are boys and 14 are girls. Out of the 21 students 5 are disabled. To teach these students there are 4 teachers. One teacher is given two classes. Four years back there was one peon. After he retired no peon was appointed here. There is one sweeper. In every class here there 2 to 3 students.

No toilet facility for disabled students
As basic facilities there is one water cooler and toilets for 21 students but the NMC forgot there were five disabled students in the school. Thank God now it has awakened and a toilet is being built for the diasbled children. This NMC school was constructed in 1957. But till now no thought was given for constructing toilet for the disabled students. The building needs to be repaired but it is not being repaired . Some years back the school building was white washed. Earlier in this school only the girls used to study but as the students number was less boys were given admission. For the disabled students in a week thrice a teacher comes who teaches them well.

Students number decreasing
The main remain reason behind decline in number of students is the falling standard of education in government schools and the facilities. The number of students has been on decline because the guardians prefer the private schools. Accordingt o the In-charge here the guardians of the students have been told about the condition of school by private school teachers and so the number has declined. The government has taken decision to adjust the students in other schools. But the government is not making any efforts to improve the standard of the school whose number is quite good. Due to this the guardians have been shifting their wards from government school to private ones.

NMC schools lagging behind
This school was given two computer in 2007. From last four years the computers are lying unrepaired. The NMC officials have been dreaming of making the schools digital but cannot see ths condition of the computer that are lying unrepaired.

Eforts to increase the number of students’
The In-charge of the school Shraddha Madavi said that to increase the number students efforts will be made by visiting the nearby areas and convincing the guardians. She said that during the Diwali and summer holidays election concerning work is given to the teachers. And due to this 3 teachers are constantly busy with this work. Besides teaching the additional work like the transfer certificate work is given to this school.

—Shamanand Tayde